What do you do when an important event to have a few days?

First of all, do not give up and made to eat up the contents of the refrigerator because of 10 kg per week still will not be able to lose.Get rid of in a short period of a few extra kilos is quite possible, without resorting to extreme and unhealthy weight loss methods that are abundant replete with the entire Internet.

The first thing that we do - it's starting to ... drink.Yes, that daily consumption of pure non-carbonated water, in an amount of at least 2 liters, helps us to get rid of swelling, with the proviso that salt intake thus we minimized.Permission is granted to only a pinch of salt during breakfast.

second thing you need to do - is to tighten the skin.Everyone knows that flabby and dull skin, even if it clings slim figure, still no glory.If you can not pass the course manual and hardware massage - you can get help from silicone banks, which are sold in a pharmacy or hand massage (and the price of both devices varies between 150 rubles).Massage the problem areas better only twice a day - after a morning shower and before going to bed, using any non-greasy cream, in order to avoid injury and bruises.

third step - is, of course, food.Go to the simple and healthy food!In these few days will be your faithful companions: oatmeal, eggs, fish, chicken breast and green vegetables.Fruit and brightly colored vegetables - carrots and beets - are best avoided because they are too rich in carbohydrates.Such nutrition improves metabolism and prevents excess fluid trapped in the body.

Subject to these simple principles it is possible to lose at least two to three kilograms even in the absence of physical activity.The final result will depend on the period during which you will adhere to them, and the initial weight.