Pregnancy affects the entire body of women, and especially on the hormonal and nervous system.Interruption of this process in the future affect the menstrual cycle and fertility.Some women can not have children, for someone to become less dire consequences, but you should know that each new abortion leaves less and less likely to carry and give birth to a healthy baby.
According to medical statistics a third of women in the world die from earlier or later the consequences of abortion.Abortion leads to infertility in 3 patients out of 10.12% of women who had an abortion in the early stages, developing uterine bleeding, exacerbated by inflammatory processes observed irregular painful menstruation.
Abortion will have a negative effect
on the pituitary gland, in turn, will lead to malfunctions of the reproductive system and infertility end.Malfunctions thyroid affect the state of the organism as a whole.Disorders of the adrenal glands affect the metabolism and lead to the synthesis of male hormones in large quantities.As a result, it will change not only the look but also the state of mind may develop severe depression.
Termination of pregnancy in nulliparous women leads to more serious consequences.The rehabilitation process of the body can take a year or more, while women with children, are reduced for 3-4 months.Breast cancer after an abortion suffer no less than the internal organs as they are rebuilt to feed the child from the first days of pregnancy.As a result of this shock therapy in the breast may appear nodules and tumors.
To reduce the effects of abortion to a minimum, you must go to an endocrinologist to identify hormonal abnormalities and to eliminate their pernicious influence.Consultation gynecologist and mammalogy.The minimum time it takes to recovery of the body after mini-abortion (vacuum abortion).It is performed for a period not later than 5 weeks.During the procedure used vacuum suction and ultrasound machine, and its duration is less than 7 minutes.
the most restrictive of the woman's body is considered to be a medical abortion.Its use is permissible for up to 6-7 weeks.For abortion using drugs which are administered intramuscularly or vaginally in a specific pattern.Medical abortion takes quite a long time, may be accompanied by side effects such as nausea, vomiting, intestinal disorders.