first component - is food.When planning a pregnancy, it is necessary to pay attention to your diet.Review your menu, remove it from the semi-finished products and foods containing large amounts of preservatives and artificial ingredients.More natural!Replace harmful products of vegetables, fresh fruits and foods rich in the minerals and nutrients.Increase the amount of dairy products, cereals, fish.It is good effect on pregnancy and facilitate its possible unpleasant side such as toxemia.The key to healthy offspring is also a smoking cessation and alcohol.

should start taking foli
c acid for about 3-4 months before the planned pregnancy.This will help prevent fetal malformations, and also have a positive effect on pregnancy.Visit your doctor and ask about recommended multivitamin complexes and preparations, strengthens the immune system.

also visit a gynecologist - he will examine you, take a swab from the vagina, can also send you to a pelvic ultrasound and give direction to the blood test.Chances are, if you do not have antibodies to rubella, you are prompted to make from her vaccinated, as this disease is very dangerous for pregnant women.If you suffer from some chronic disease, go to the experts to get advice about drugs to help prevent exacerbation during pregnancy.Take the time and their teeth - it is desirable to treat cavities before pregnancy

Both before and after pregnancy, try to walk more on the street.It is desirable in the park or forest.Do not be nervous about nothing, do not disturb yourself once again.Be calm and balanced.

better maintain a happy mood and a positive attitude, because our inner condition directly affects the body.That is why stress and anxiety can interfere with pregnancy.