protection midges using repellents

Besides being unpleasant to mosquitoes bites on the bite subsequently formed irritation that can itch and hurt.By the way, a similar discomfort to people deliver only a female who needs blood to lay eggs and continue their family.The males feed on plant products in the world.

Get rid of gnats, flies around the house, you can use the "Raptor".And even better - mosquito nets installed on all windows to help prevent the entry of insects.

Protect yourself outdoors is much more difficult.Who produced a huge amount of repellents, presented in the form of creams, gels, ointments or sprays, to protect man from the blood-sucking insects.All are considered to be harmless to humans, yet they must
be used with caution.Firstly, they should not be rubbed into the skin, even if it is written on the package as ingredients in the composition may cause an allergic reaction.Also, if the liquid gets into the eyes of insects should immediately rinse them with water and go to the clinic for examination.Before using any repellent you need to carefully read the manual and follow its instructions.

Most people notice that the validity of repellents are not the same as indicated on the package.This does not mean that the manufacturer has released a low-quality goods, it is possible that the facility was just wrong inflicted.Also repellent could cease to have effect due to weather conditions.For example, the rain or the heat was strong, and the man was sweating, resulting in a cream or spray washed off, ceasing to provide a protective effect.

Using the solution of long-acting

Do not use such means of protection from insects, like clothing, especially in the summer.Wearing a lot of things can overheat, leading to heat stroke.Better wear thin clothes, treating it with a special aqueous solution.To produce it very simple.This requires repellent in an amount of 70 g, 1500 ml of water and 30 ml of liquid soap.All the ingredients were mixed, and the solution is ready.They need to spray clothing and allow to dry.If you put these things in a sealed container, it will retain its protective properties for a few weeks.

The same treatment can be carried out with a tent, but it needs to be sprayed outside.If the tent is made of thin material, and there is a risk that it is completely impregnated with a solution, you can simply treat repellent doors and windows from the outside.Thanks to the protective properties of repellents outdoor recreation will bring only positive emotions.