This shows "Troxevasin»

This good old drug in aluminum or plastic tubes comes to us from Bulgaria for a long time.Ointment (gel) "Troxevasin" prescribed to improve the venous circulation.

Its active substance troxerutin strengthens blood vessels, especially the smallest, the capillaries.Inflammatory processes subside, swelling veins decreases, increases their tone.The ointment also counteracts the formation of blood clots.It is used when varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, venous dermatitis and ulcers, hemorrhoids.

About venous circulation signal failure symptoms:
- a feeling of heaviness in the legs;
- bluish veins, "stars", pigment spots on the limbs;
- swelling of the feet at the end of the day;
- «goose", numbness, convulsions;
- cold feet.

By means of this ointment resort and dislocations of joints, brui
ses, sprains.

contraindications, side effects

Contraindications only one thing: skin injury.Therefore it is impossible to lubricate "troksevazin" wounds.
contraindicated use ointment and bleeding, the presence of ulcers, abscesses.

Occasionally allergic reactions - is the result of excessive sensitivity "troksevazin."

How to use the ointment

2-3 times a day, apply a thin layer on the skin, gently rubbing in a circular motion.

sure to wait until the cream is completely absorbed.Only then can bandage the sore spot, putting on socks or stockings.

If you do not help ...

therapeutic effect of the ointment essentially depends on the regularity of its application.Treatment is usually long-term, can not miss a day.

For greater efficiency ointment to simultaneously take "Troxevasin" capsules.Patients with varicose veins can be assigned an additional small doses of aspirin.And the flu, allergic diseases - "Ascorutin" to reduce the risk of vascular permeability.

the same time using the ointment recommended troksevazinovoy long wearing compression hosiery.Therapeutic stockings can reduce the pressure on the patients blood vessels and slowing progression of the disease.The outflow of venous blood and lymph circulation due to the effect of compression significantly accelerates gradually liquidated their stasis and varicose veins does not affect the deep veins.

If the state of the week and a half does not improve, tell your doctor.He may prescribe a more effective drug, such as "Lioton."