Tip 1: Levomekol: instructions for use

«Levomekol" - a drug containing the antibiotic chloramphenicol and immunostimulant metilarutsil.Effective against bacteria such as Rickettsia, Chlamydia, and spirochetes.


«Levomekol" is available as an ointment of white color with a slight characteristic odor.The ointment is packed into plastic tubes containing 40, 100 and 1000 preparation has anti-inflammatory, regenerating and antimicrobial activity.With frequent use of many antibiotics in the body starts getting used to it, but to "levomekol" such resistance develops slowly.

Methyluracil, part of the drug stimulates the metabolic processes in cells, tissues and recovers quickly heals wounds.Also, studies have shown that it well acts on the immune system and raises its level.A ointment base - polyethylene penetrates the tissue without damaging the membrane, so the ointment helps with namazyvanii him even over the pus.

«Levomekol" appointed with festering wounds of different nature, including E. coli, Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas infect
ion.Recommend it to clean the wounds of dead and festering masses, to restore the infected tissue and reduce swelling.Also, doctors prescribe the drug for the treatment of infectious otitis and boils.The drug is well draws pus and in most cases does not leave a scar.

Instructions for Use "levomekol»

«Levomekol" strictly applied locally and externally.We must take a sterile gauze cloth or cotton pads, soaked in the ointment, to impose on the wound cleaned and well fix bandage.If the cavity is filled with pus, then there ointment is administered through the drain tube using a syringe.For this procedure, the ointment is heated to 40 ° C.Dressing should be changed daily until the wound is completely cleansed of pus.

If the ointment "Levomekol" appointed at an infectious inflammation of the mucous membranes and skin, you should first clean the affected area and apply a thin layer of ointment.This should be done twice a day until recovery.The ointment can be applied as a comprehensive treatment.

In rare cases, the drug can cause allergies in the form of rashes on the skin, due to the hypersensitivity to the substances included in the ointment.Before using the product be sure to consult with your doctor.From pharmacies without prescription.The average cost of the ointment - 70 p.100 p.

The drug is contraindicated in patients who have had a high sensitivity to chloramphenicol.

Tip 2: "Levomekol": instructions for use

"Levomekol" - a drug for external use.The drug has an antibacterial effect, it helps to restore the structure of damaged tissues.

Indications "levomekol"

The structure of "levomekol" contains two active ingredients: methyluracil and chloramphenicol.One gram "levomekol" methyluracil contains 40 mg, and 7.5 mg of chloramphenicol.Chloramphenicol has antibacterial action.Methyluracil accelerates wound healing and tissue regeneration.It also stimulates the immune system, promotes the production of interferon, which has an antiviral effect.

"Levomekol" used to treat septic wounds, traumatic injuries, sutures, purulent inflammation.The tool is used to stop the inflammation, cleanse the wound of pus and necrotic masses, remove pathogens and to relieve swelling.The drug is used for burns 2 and 3 degrees, for the treatment of festering boils and other skin diseases, trophic ulcers.As a precaution the ointment is applied to cuts, wounds, joints, eczema, blisters, sores to reduce the time of healing and to prevent infection. When using "levomekol" you can not use other external medicines.

Instructions for Use "levomekol"

To use the ointment apply a thin layer on the surface of the skin lesion, cover it tightly folded in several layers of sterile gauze or a clean cloth.Spend treatment of infected wounds 1-2 times a day, every day, to cleanse the wound of pus (5-10 days).

for treatment of burns small area, apply ointment on a sterile gauze and apply it over the affected area.The bandage on the burn superimposed on the day.If you want to change it more often, but not more than five times a day."Levomekol" applied to the surface of the burn wound healing (5-14 days).Prior to treatment, "levomekol" burn required rinse with cold water.

Ointment can heal festering pimples, for that they need to lubricate the "levomekol" for the night.After opening the pimple is recommended to apply the drug at the skin site.In more detail the methods and indications for use "levomekol" described in the annotations to the drug.

Side effects, contraindications to the use of "levomekol"

"Levomekol" - is maloreaktogenny drug, it has very few side effects.The drug can cause allergic reactions at the site of its application, they are expressed in skin redness, rashes and itching, hives.No cases of overdose have been identified. Contraindications ointment "Levomekol" - the presence of hypersensitivity to the drug.

In case of contact "levomekol" on the mucous membranes in the eyes, they should be rinsed with plenty of water.In case of ingestion of the drug is necessary to wash out the stomach and make charcoal."Levomekol" can be used if necessary during pregnancy and lactation.Since "Levomekol" absolutely safe, its use is permitted for children of all ages, including newborns.