Progesterone, known as the pregnancy hormone, is responsible for preparing the uterus for the formation of the fetus and helps to strengthen the fetus on her walls.But during pregnancy, it is responsible for the mood of the expectant mother increases her appetite, involved in the formation and growth of the fetus and uterine tissue, regulates muscle contraction and blood pressure, menstruation stops for this period.The lack of progesterone in a woman facing infertility during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, the appearance of seals in the chest cause fetal growth retardation.Its deficiency must be replenished, but under the supervision of a doctor watching a pregnancy.

drugs containing progesterone

progesterone level is determined by laboratory testing of blood and on the basis of the results appointed treatment.The drug is available, usual
ly in the form of a solution for injection in an oil-based.One of these drugs - "Progesterone".He is appointed by the threat of termination of pregnancy or absence of conception because of the low production of the hormone by the body.

When the seals in the mammary glands during pregnancy or during menopause prescribe a course of treatment "Prozhestozhel" in the form of a gel for topical application.

drug "Utrozhestan" - a progesterone capsules.It is taken in violation of the menstrual cycle, infertility, the menopause, when mastitis.The dosage and duration of admission is governed by a medical specialist, in accordance with the test results, the type of disease, condition of the patient or pregnant women.

Increased production of progesterone without medicines

compensate for a deficiency of progesterone via food is impossible, but to stimulate the body's production of it's real.The fact that some products, vitamins and minerals that make the body produce hormone in sufficient quantity.According to medical research, such stimulants are zinc, vitamin B, P, E and C. From the food, the detection of a lack of progesterone, it is recommended to form the diet of eggs, fatty meats and fish, the birds, that is the type of animal protein.Useful would be the case of citrus fruit trees, pears, pomegranates, berries, rose hips and currants, raspberries, olives and avocados.Promotes natural increase progesterone levels and potatoes, sunflower seeds, nuts, flour, rice.In addition, you can use some teas herbs such as bloodroot goose, raspberries or lumbago meadow.

Self with a lack of progesterone is unacceptable.It is important to understand that harmless diets or herbal teas can cause irreparable damage to health and even their use must be agreed with the doctor.