Antidepressants - it's very powerful psychotropic drugs, so they need to be taken only on prescription.This specialist will be able to evaluate the extent of disease, and on this basis, assign the dosage and frequency of administration of tablets.

Accepted only according to this recipe.If you do not notice improvement, do not increase the dosage on their own.Remember that the effect occurs within 1-6 weeks after starting treatment.If after this time you do not feel better, consult your doctor, as you may wish to change or increase the frequency of drug administration.

Antidepressants must be taken at exactly the same time.Hours depend on the type of drug.For example, drugs that enhance the activity, it is advisable to drink in the morning, and those that cause drowsiness - before going to bed.If along with the antidepressant you are taking other medicines should inform your doctor.

Note that psychotropic drugs have side effects, most of which appear at the beginning of treatment and disappear after a few days.These manifestations include: lethargy, constipation, blurred vision, dry mouth, dizziness.If they continue for quite a long time, do not give up the drug.In this situation, you should consult your doctor.If side effects appeared, better give up at the time of driving the vehicle, as well as hazardous work.

If you feel the improvement in health status, do not throw antidepressants.Remember that you have to take a course, otherwise depression reappears.During treatment with psychotropic drugs is better to refuse to accept spirits.