Description medical-cosmetic series "Mustel Stelatopiya»

The series "Mustel Stelatopiya" includes health and beauty care products for very dry baby skin, prone to eczema - atopic dermatitis, allergic: cream washbath oil and cream emulsion.The main active ingredient of all funds - specially processed sunflower oil.

Children cream "Mustel Stelatopiya" intended for washing also contains glycine, glycerol, castor oil.Tool cleans baby's skin, it softens and eliminates tightness, restoring the natural lipid layer.Cream-emulsion "Mustel Stelatopiya" further comprises petrolatum, glycerin, Candelilla wax, extract of plum pits.Tool quickly softens the skin, retains its moisture, strengthens and nourishes the lipid fi
lm. best results were observed in the event that oil is used together with cream emulsion.

oil bath "Muster" is a means to strengthen the composition, which contains more oil sunflower seeds than in the cream emulsion and a cream cleanser.Supplementary active ingredients: almond oil, Roman chamomile extract, lecithin, vitamin E and liquid paraffin.Oil bath "Muster" cleanses and nourishes baby's skin, creates a protective film, reduces inflammation and irritation.

Instructions for use of funds "Mustel Stelatopiya»

Cream "Mustel Stelatopiya" prescribe daily cleaning and washing of children (including newborns) who have a tendency to allergic reactions and innate dryness.Cream-emulsion "Muster" is used in children with increased dryness of the skin.The tool is also included in the complex therapy of atopic dermatitis in infants and older children.The oil bath is effective for the treatment of dermatitis.

cream cleanser "Muster" is used daily, when bathing the child.Cream-emulsion is applied twice daily to clean, dry skin of the baby.The tool should be lightly rubbed.In areas where the skin is very dry, you need to put a little more cream.Do not apply cream emulsion on the skin with weeping eczema.

Oil "Muster" is used when the baby is necessary to "take a bath" - a means added to the bath before a dip in the number of two or three caps and mix well.After bathing the child do not wipe, and wrapped in a towel.For complex and impact after the washing process is applied cream emulsion.In this flush oil from the skin is not required. If the child's skin condition gets worse, you should stop using the funds "Mustel Stelatopiya."

Side effects, contraindications to the use of funds "Mustel Stelatopiya»

Medical-cosmetic series "Mustel stelatopiya" by the reviews do not cause side effects.However, there is a possibility of an allergic reaction to one or more components.These funds can not be used in identifying them hypersensitivity.