you need
  • - iodine;
  • - Zelenka;
  • - cotton swab;
  • - cotton pad;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - bactericidal plaster;
  • - chlorhexidine.
five percent alcohol solution of iodine efficiently used for the treatment of small and superficial wounds, abrasions, cuts.To prevent the entry of infection, simply pour a small amount of iodine wound or spend processing with cotton swab disk.
2 children up to three years to treat the wounds and abrasions iodine is not recommended.And if there is damage to the child's skin, a more rational use green paint.
from the use of iodine is also waived if the wound is deep enough.The inner surface of the wounds were washed with hydrogen peroxide, other disinfectants such as chlorhexidine.For local surfa
ce treatment, you can use around the wound with iodine.But this process should be carried out very carefully so that the solution did not get into the deep wound.Then you need to apply a sterile dressing and transport the patient to the nearest casualty department.
main advantages in the processing of superficial wounds and abrasions iodine: rapid decontamination and resolving effect.When iodine intolerance, presence of renal insufficiency, thyroid dysfunction by iodine is better to refuse to conduct processing and antiseptic solutions such as chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide.Then lubricate the wounds and scratches green paint.
A two percent solution of green fodder can be used to treat wounds, cuts, abrasions adults.If you must use an antiseptic children should chose the one percent solution.
Zelenka much less dry skin and provokes tissue necrosis.For the treatment of postoperative sutures often recommend the use of Zelenka.
zelenki The solution is saturated with bactericidal plaster.If you are unable to use liquid solution, the wound is cleaned of impurities using a sterile wipes, and then use a bactericidal plaster to be removed immediately, as soon as the opportunity to use a solution of green fodder.
Iodine can not be used for the treatment of mucous membranes in order to avoid burns.Also, it is not necessary to apply the iodine immediately after thermal or chemical burns.