Types spirals

IUDs are made of plastic and are of two types: spiral, containing copper (silver) and spirals containing hormones.Their size - 3X4 cm. Choosing a method of contraception and the most spirals going at a reception at the gynecologist.Self should not do it.Intrauterine set gynecologist during menstruation.It is small in size and resembles the shape of the letter T.

copper coil made of copper wire.Its feature is the ability to act on the uterus so that the egg can not attach to it.This is facilitated by two copper segment.

Hormonal spiral is a container that contains a progestin.This hormone prevents ovulation.In the case of hormonal IUD sperm can not fertilize an egg.According to the woman, using a spiral menstruation becomes more scarce and less painful.However, it does not bring harm, because due to the action of hormones inside the helix.Gynecologi
sts recommend that women who suffer from painful periods, hormone spiral installation.

Choice spiral

Gynecological IUDs come in different brands, both domestic and foreign production.Furthermore, the cost can vary from 250 to several thousand rubles.On this affects a lot of factors.

quite popular among Russian women using spiral "Juno Bio".It attracts mainly low cost.However, the low effectiveness of this spiral entails a high risk of pregnancy.
well proven IUD "Mirena," but it is one of the most expensive in a row.The use of intrauterine device is considered to be the cheapest and most accessible type of contraception.

This hormone spiral.Its makers promise that spiral "Mirena" rarely moves in the womb or falls.And this is what leads to the onset of pregnancy, because patients are advised to regularly check for IUD at the right place.

Selection spiral - a procedure purely individual.IUD is set not more than 5 years in the absence of contraindications to it.