Tip 1: How to select a vitamin complex man

Even a full and balanced diet can not provide the receipt of all necessary vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities, which covers the needs of men.In addition, there are special situations when the male body just need support.That is why doctors recommend taking a multivitamin exchange.How are they and how to choose the right vitamin complex will feel full of energy?

How to choose a vitamin complex for men

On the shelves of pharmacies you can see the great abundance of vitamin complexes.Select the desired number of such means can be on the advice of a physician.If you have recently suffered a serious illness, undergone surgical intervention or a lot of smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, to maintain the body, and replenish the necessary materials you will need a fully balanced vitamin complex with a daily dose of vitamins and minerals, the relevant WHO recommendations.
If serious chronic diseases vitamin complexes must be chosen on the advice of a physician.

The ideal solution is to ch
oose a vitamin complex "Complivit", "Centrum", "Supradin", "Selmevit", "Aerovit."With these preparations can be for a short time to make up the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, to restore and enhance the immune system.

For men, the leading sport lifestyle for a long time compelled to respect the increased physical activity, requires additional intake of vitamins A, B, C, E, zinc, magnesium, potassium and calcium.A perfect solution would be the acquisition of vitamin complexes under the trade names "alphabet", "Centrum", "Vitrum", "Supradin."These products contain all the required daily dose of vitamins and minerals that help you quickly get in shape, even after intensive training.

Currently, many representatives of the stronger sex for a long time have to sit at the computer.Sedentary lifestyle and reinforced load on vision - supply for the course taking vitamin complex "Complivit ophthalmia."It consists of: lutein, vitamin A, selenium, all the B vitamins, Zeaxanthin.This combination provides the body substances necessary for the normal metabolism and reduces the load on the optic nerve.
Remember, vitamins and minerals should be taken under the supervision of a specialist.Excess active substance is not less harmful than their drawback.

in colds and flu season, when the incidence exceeds a threshold, it is necessary to pay special attention to strengthening the immune system.Choose vitamin complexes with selenium and a high content of vitamin C, V.

How long does it take vitamin complexes men

buying any multivitamin complex, carefully read the instructions.As a precaution rational use of vitamins in spring and fall for 20-30 days.With the purpose of treatment is to recommend intake of vitamins your doctor.During the summer, instead of vitamin complexes include in your diet plenty of vegetables and fresh herbs, spend enough time outdoors.

Tip 2: How to choose a vitamin complex

In ancient times, people did not know what vitamins.But they, unlike the present inhabitants of towns and villages, can fully receive the necessary daily dose of vitamins and minerals from food.In the 21st century, people have to eat foods grown in depleted soil with fertilizers and growth promoters.Nutrients in these fruits and vegetables contain a fraction.Therefore, all modern people, doctors recommend taking vitamins.And then in front of all the question arises, how to choose a vitamin complex , to get the maximum benefit from it and do not throw your money away?
How to choose a vitamin complex
First, you need to find out what specific vitamins and minerals at this time your body needs.To do this, hold complex tion diagnosis from a specialist who will prescribe the required dose of vitamins.If you neglect this rule, you may have a situation where you drink medications that you do not need and necessary substances your body did not get it.
All purchased vitamins - synthetic.You should not believe the assurances of manufacturers that their complex natural vitamins.Only difference between them as a raw material used by the manufacturer.When choosing a vitamin complex , pay attention to its composition.Better if it will not contain an extra dose of colors and flavors.This is especially true if you buy vitamins for the child, which are often produced in the form of syrups, lozenges or pills.Also, be sure to check if any of the drug on the package label that the product gippoalergenen.
cost of good vitamins complex and can not be less than $ 100, sincein the production of cheap medicines most likely to use poor-quality raw materials.But the more expensive 200 rubles complex cost should not be, becausein this case, you overpay for a famous brand.
Try to choose a drug, which is taken into account the interaction of vitamins and trace elements together.For example, calcium is better absorbed with vitamin D3, and iron - is not absorbed at all.Together with vitamin C and selenium is better absorbed iron.The overabundance of zinc leads to a shortage of copper.Examples of such interactions - weight, the science they are already known and in good vitamin complex ah necessarily taken into account.
take vitamin complex s, you must carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations.If a particular drug should be drunk in the evening - and then do it.This is most likely due to the peculiarities of its assimilation.And in any case, do not exceed the allowable dose.Drink vitamins after meals, washed down with juice or water.And good luck!