During pregnancy, every woman should be as attentive and careful to your health because it depends on throughout the pregnancy and the health of the future baby.Therefore, when a high temperature is necessary to consult with your doctor and be treated exclusively under the supervision of an experienced specialist who will prescribe the most appropriate antipyretic, based on the individual situation and the history of your disease.

Physiotherapy means

If the temperature increase caused uncomplicated colds, you can try to reduce it by a non-drug funds.It is recommended to drink plenty of warm, for example, a decoction of the hips, strong tea with lemon and honey, cranberry or cranberry juice.You can spend rubbing vinegar solution.This procedure should be diluted with 50 ml of vinegar in 150 ml of warm wat
er.You can also try to lower the temperature by a cold compress or a cabbage leaf on the forehead.


If the body temperature is above 38 ° C and does not fall within two days, you should take antipyretic drugs that are least harmful to the fetus.

«Paracetamol" - has antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.This drug is very effective, fast, inexpensive, and most importantly - can be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding.It is one of the safest analgesics have been revealed no adverse drug effects on the fetus.

«Nurofen" - is also antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drug.The therapeutic effect of the drug appears in 2-3 hours and is effective for 5-6 hours.This drug can be used in I and II trimesters of pregnancy if the benefits outweigh the risks of receiving fetal development, but in the III trimester strictly contraindicated to take Nurofen becauseit may cause uterine bleeding and cause premature labor.

«Panadol" - an effective analgesic-antipyretic containing paracetamol in their composition.It has an excellent analgesic and antipyretic activity.Do not take this drug to women prone to allergies, because it can trigger allergic reactions.You also can not take "Panadol" with complex kidney or liver disease.

«Ibuprofen" - a safe analgesic, antipyretic, and has a moderate anti-inflammatory activity, which can be taken with caution in I and II trimesters of pregnancy.In the III trimester, ibuprofen is contraindicated, since it can cause low amniotic fluid, as well as to delay or prolong the labor.