products with high content of copper

most affordable source of copper for man - grits.Leaders in its content deemed buckwheat, oats, millet, barley groats.Just below the metal content of rice and wheat.Favorite all the pasta, especially made from durum wheat, surpass the copper content of all kinds of cereals.

other foods rich in useful metal - offal.Beef and pork liver, kidney, heart, brains contain copper in the five to ten times higher than cereals.However, chicken liver contains copper is ten times less than beef.Copper contained in large amoun
ts in seafood.Consumption of squid, octopus, shrimp is extremely useful for filling the body with salts and metals. in a pod bean milk ripeness of copper and other minerals contained significantly higher than in the ripe beans.

good source of copper and other metals are legumes and vegetables.Peas, chickpeas, beans and popular lately lentils can be cooked first and second courses with a high content of copper.Useful to replenish an important element of potatoes cooked with the peel, dishes of pumpkin and eggplant, asparagus, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, turnips, radishes.

dozens of products with the highest copper content (per 100 g): cod liver oil (13.5 mg), cocoa powder (4.55 mg), beef liver (3.8 mg), squid (1.5 mg), peas (0.75), pasta (0.70 mg), buckwheat (0.63 mg), walnuts (0.53 mg), oatmeal (0.50 mg), beef kidney and heart (0.45 mg).

Fruits and berries are rich in copper

lot of copper contained black currants, cherries, strawberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.Copper and magnesium are found in bones of apples, so you can swallow for the benefit of a pair of bones, along with a slice of apple.Delicious and important for the replenishment of copper cranberry, watermelon, dogwood, pineapples.We should also note the high content of this metal in the nuts.Especially a lot of copper in walnut and hazelnut.

gifts of nature with a high content of copper

Nature always takes care of man, giving everything to maintain the body in good condition.No exception - forest gifts from copper.First of all, it's all wild mushrooms, especially white and mushrooms.You can keep the amount of copper in the body, having prepared for the winter rose, bird cherry, hawthorn, any berries that grow in your area.

Many herbs are able to maintain the level of copper clover, wormwood, yarrow, chamomile, St. John's wort, marjoram.From them you can prepare infusions and decoctions.In the summer of useful gathering dandelion leaves and add to the usual salads, like fennel, which is also in the list of plants with high content of copper. much copper in the roots and leaves of ginseng, but it should be used very carefully.

Products, hindering the absorption of copper

If you need to increase the amount of copper, it is better to abstain for a while on drugs with vitamin C and products with the addition of fructose.Interferes with the absorption of copper usual eggs and all dairy products.Milk protein and casein protein in eggs resist accumulation of this metal.Prevents the absorption of copper spirits.But in beer, the present, which is brewed from barley, a lot of copper.Therefore it is better to replace the vodka a small amount of "live" beer.

main conclusion: try to make your menu based on the compatibility of products.Considered the best diet allows you to enter the menu of the product with the highest rates of digestibility of nutrients, salts and minerals.This will significantly improve health and reduce the need to resort to buying vitamins.