If you are diagnosed with depression, then the selection of antidepressant doctor will take into account the clinical symptoms of its manifestation, your overall health status, presence or absence of comorbidities.Be sure to tell your doctor what medications you are taking the time, because some of them can not take antidepressants.
If you have observed anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, short temper, fits of rage, then most likely, you will be assigned drugs with sedative effects, such as: "Sinekvin", "Doxepin," "Amitriptyline"" trazodone "" Miansenrin "" Fluvoxamine "" pipofezine ".
If before the mood by changing the aggression and rage with bouts of melancholy and apathy of you appoint agents with balanced action "Lyudiomil", "Coaxil", "Pirazidol" "Zoloft", "Paxil"etc.
If you constantly feel weakness, fatigue, drowsiness, then you pick up an antidepressant with stimulating effect: "Fluoxetine", "Moclobemide", "Imipramine", "Nialamide."
Doses and methods of using the doctor selects for each patient individually.
Independently you can make preparations based on St. John's wort "Negrustin", "hexane".Carefully read the instructions for use, with indications, contraindications and side effects.Before taking this medication, it is better to get the advice of a doctor.
Never use chemical psychotropic drugs on the recommendation of friends or acquaintances.The same drug can have on different people entirely different effect.Besides antidepressants may cause serious side effects, and instead of the expected result, you get the opposite effect.Only practicing psychiatrist or psychiatrist can choose a drug that will fit your disease.