the treatment of edema initial dosage of the drug "Diakarb" is 125-375 mg.This amount of medication should be taken one time a day, in the morning.Drink "Diakarb" should be 2 consecutive days, or every other day, then it is necessary to make a one-day break.If therapeutic effet reached, you can stop taking the drug.
When treatment of open angle glaucoma and acute attacks of the disease, "Diakarb" you need to take 250 mg 1-4 times a day.In secondary glaucoma as a single dose is 250 mg, and the drug should be drinking every 4 hours.In some cases, the desired effect is achieved when the reception means 2 times per day.
children in the treatment of glaucoma drug is given, based on the weight of the body.The daily dosage of 10-15 mg / kg body weight.This amount of preparation "Diakarb" c
hildren should be given 3-4 times.Treatment should be done within 4-5 days.The exact length of the course is to identify the doctor.
the treatment of adult epilepsy should be "Diakarb" 1 times a day for 250-500 mg course of 3 days.This is followed by a break in one day, and then repeat the treatment.When simultaneous administration "Diamox" with other anticonvulsants, therapy should start with 250 mg daily, and later, if necessary, to increase the dose.
In epilepsy in children dosage depends on the age.Babies 4-12 months should be given 50 mg "Diamox" a day for children 1-3 years old - 50-125 mg.The specified amount of product consumed 1-2 reception.Children 4-18 years prescribed 125-250 mg "Diamox" 1 times a day.
At altitude sickness "Diakarb" take 1-2 days to climb.The dosage of 500-100 mg per day, with the rapid rise in the maximum dose should be used.The daily amount is divided by means of several techniques.In the case of the onset of symptoms of altitude sickness therapy should be continued for 2 more days.