Useful properties of vitamin E

First of all, vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce the amount of free radicals and prevents various abnormalities in the body.Contained vitamin E tocopherol prevents the formation of carcinogens, it helps to eliminate toxins and various chemicals from the body.This substance improves blood circulation, nourishes the cells with oxygen and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

big role vitamin E plays in the normal functioning of the reproductive system in both women and men.Its deficiency in the body for the fair sex is fraught with decreased libido and menstrual irregularities, and for men - decreased produc
tion of sperm.

Vitamin E has beneficial effects on the state of mental equilibrium - when normal amounts in the human body hardly suffers from depression and apathy.And Vitamin E has long been used in cosmetics because it has beneficial effects on the condition of hair and nails, making the skin more supple and taut, promotes rapid healing zarubtsovyvaniyu and treatment of ulcers.

How to consume vitamin E

Vitamin E is best consumed through food, according to the rich organic compound.In large quantities, it is found in vegetable oils, cereals and legumes.He gets into the body as with the liver, brussels sprouts and broccoli, eggs, nuts, milk and spinach.This method of the simplest and most useful, as it insures the person from taking excessive amounts of vitamin E, which can be fraught with health. Vitamin E has a feature to deteriorate by heat treatment or low temperatures, so that these products must be eaten raw.

Vitamin E can also be taken in capsules or in combination with a vitamin complex.However, before this is to consult a doctor and find out whether you need exists in the organic compound.Based on your analysis of the doctor will prescribe the necessary daily dose, and set deadlines of vitamin E. This is important, since the excess of this vitamin can change hormones, cause intestinal problems, muscle weakness and pain in the heart. Recently, Finnish researchers found that excessive intake of vitamins E and C, smokers increases the risk of tuberculosis by 72%.

capsules with vitamin E can also be used to strengthen the hair.For this liquid present in them must be applied to the tips of hair and does not wash off.It will protect your hair from breaking and sections.