Tip 1: How to take Oscillococcinum

Oscillococcinum - a drug intended for the prevention and treatment of colds, such as SARS, influenza and the common cold.Refers to homeopathic remedies, that is, it contains small amounts of the pathogen of the disease contained in the duck liver.It is believed that learning to deal with the drug, the body can easily cope with microbes from the environment.
Reception Oscillococcinum should start as early as possible, at the first symptoms of the disease.Most often it is a runny nose, cough, sore throat, chills and fever. drug acts only in cases when treatment is started immediately, at the initial stage of the disease.It can also take preventive purposes.

Not all doctors consider homeopathic remedies beneficial to health, some even compare their positive effect with "placebo".Actions of the drug is based on the fact to raise immunity, so it is recommended to use in addition to the basic treatment, and not as an alternative thereto.

Application Oscillococcinum for preventing colds

Oscillococcinum is available in capsules.One capsule contains a unit dose of the drug.It needs to be put under the tongue and keep the mouth until completely dissolved. drug should be taken between meals, not later than 15 minutes before a meal or at least one hour after.

To prevent the spread of disease in the period sufficient to take one dose once a week.This usually turns out to be enough to raise the level of the body's resistance to colds.

Application Oscillococcinum for the treatment of viral diseases

In the initial stage of the disease as early as possible is recommended to take a dose, then add 2 - 3 doses with an interval of approximately 6 hours.This should be done as necessary, until the complete disappearance of symptoms. If, despite taking Oscillococcinum, a day the symptoms have not disappeared, it is necessary to call a doctor and agree with him further treatment.

This drug can be taken during the acute stage of the disease.The recommended dosage is in this case - one dose in the morning and evening.

Application Oscillococcinum for preventing and treating childhood illnesses

During clinical trials, the drug has not been received nor any evidence that taking Oscillococcinum can harm children, the instruction is also not specified the age at which you can start taking the drug.Therefore capsule Oscillococcinum give even kids, the dosage remains the same, it does not depend on either age or weight of the patient.

Due to the fact that small children can be frustrating to dissolve the capsule can be pre-dissolved in a small amount of warm water and boiled to give a bottle with a nipple or with a spoon.

Before you start giving otsillokoktsinum children still need to consult with the attending physician of the child.

Tip 2: How to take "Oscillococcinum"

Ā«Otsillokoktsinium" - homeopathic medicine, which effectively eliminates the symptoms of flu and colds.As quickly as possible to alleviate the condition of the patient, it is important to take the drug correctly.
How to receive
you need
  • Ā«Otsillokoktsinium" water.
If you have the first signs of colds take the dose "Otsillokoktsinium."The sooner you do, the more effective the treatment will be.Get medication in larger pharmacies, in order to minimize the risk of buying counterfeit goods.
Open container of homeopathic granules and place its contents under the tongue.Keep the medication under the tongue until completely dissolved granules.If you took the drug in the early stages of the disease, repeat the reception 6 hours.Take another dose of medicament after 6-8 hours.
If the disease is in an acute stage has passed, or you have started treatment late enough, take 1 dose of the drug in the morning and evening for 3 days.If within 24 hours after the first dose of the drug you have not noticed significant improvements, consult your doctor.Remember that self-dealing with hazardous.Perhaps a specialist will give you a completely different recommendations on the selection of the drug.
If you decide to use the "Otsillokoktsinium" to treat a child, dissolve the contents of the container with the drug in a small amount of water and let your child drink a solution with a spoon or add medication into a bottle with a pacifier.It has quite a pleasant taste, so do not further improve it.
used with caution in this drug for the treatment of very young children.Before you give a child medication, consult your pediatrician.Your doctor will suggest a completely different method of treatment.
If you have any suspicious reactions to the reception "Otsillokoktsiniuma" contact your doctor immediately.Despite the fact that the manufacturer declares absence of any side effects, allergic reactions still occur.
Remember that "Otsillokoktsinium" like any other homeopathic product, you need to take at least 15 minutes before eating or one hour after a meal.Otherwise, the medicine may not act.
Keep the medication in a cool, dark place at a temperature of 15-25 degrees.Do not let the loss of sealing containers with the granules.The drug store where it will not be available for children.
Dosage "Otsillokoktsinium" does not depend on the age and the stage of the disease and its degree.
Helpful Hint
Note the drug "Otsillokoktsinium" if traditional medicines you are contraindicated.It can be taken even to pregnant women and nursing mothers.