Instructions for Use "Sodium thiosulfate»

«Sodium thiosulfate" is assigned to lead poisoning, arsenic, mercury, bromine, hydrocyanic acid, salts of iodine, allergies, arthritis and neuralgia.It is used in gynecology for the treatment of infertility, removal of cysts in the ovaries.The drug is also used topically for scabies."Sodium thiosulfate" is produced in the form of a powder and a solution for intravenous administration.This product does not exist for intramuscular injections.When poisoning with medication in the form of a 10% solution taken orally for two to three grams.Intravenously administered 30% solution of "sodium thiosulfate" in an amount of 5-50 ml. exact dosage of the drug determined by the doctor depending on the type and severity of poisoning.

For the treatment of cyanide poisoning "Sodium thiosulfate" is recommended to combine with the "sodium nitrite" and "hypo solution."It is necessary to monitor the patient for 24-48 hours.Upon return of symptoms of intoxication drug is administered again (at half dosage).

When scabies designate 60% solution "sodium thiosulfate".It needs to be rubbed for 2-3 minutes on each part of the body in the following order: the left and right arm, torso, left and right foot.Whole procedure should take 10-15 minutes.Then make a break, during which the solution on the skin dries out, and on it there are crystals.This is followed by another massaging solution in the same sequence.After drying on the skin should be applied in the same order of 6% hydrochloric acid solution.Wash only three days after rubbing.

use of "Sodium thiosulfate" to cleanse the body

«Sodium thiosulfate" is also used to cleanse the body's blood and lymph.In this case, for ten days take one drug vial diluted in a glass of water, according to the following scheme.In the morning for half an hour before meals take half a glass of solution for the evening half an hour before meal or two hours after drinking the remaining half cup. After cleansing the body "sodium thiosulfate" in patients with psoriasis condition is greatly facilitated.

Over the course of the drug should refrain from milk, meat, you should drink plenty of fluids.It is recommended to use the juice from citrus fruits, diluted with water.After this cleaning have improved the condition of nails, skin and hair, increased efficiency, the nervousness disappears, reduced expression of allergy disappears craving for alcohol.

Side effects, contraindications to the use of "Sodium thiosulfate»

«Sodium thiosulfate" is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, as well as the detection of hypersensitivity to the drug."Sodium thiosulfate" is well tolerated by the reviews, but in rare cases may cause allergic reactions.The drug can be administered to children, despite the fact that the objective controlled studies safety and efficacy of drugs in this group have not been conducted.