Why spend expansion of the cervical canal

Normally the cervical canal tightly closed in order to prevent infection in the uterus.Mucosal surface of the cervical canal is lined by columnar epithelium, which produces mucus.It has a porous structure fills the cervix, forming a kind of plug.The viscosity of the mucus and the pore size depending on the level of hormones.During ovulation the viscosity decreases and the pore size is increased, it contributes to the passage of sperm.Current mucus directed outward, it is more pronounced on the periphery, it helps to "filter" full of sperm.During pregnancy, the cervix is ​​tightly closed, it changes its color becomes bluish.Before birth, it expands and can reach up to 10 cm in diameter.

To explore the uterine cavity, a gynecologist uses the hysteroscopy as the most informative for d
iagnosis and treatment.It can detect abnormalities in the uterus, to make a diagnosis, perform a biopsy or surgery (such as abortion).Hysteroscopy is always preceded by a manual study to determine the location of the uterus and its value.Then, a cervical dilatation.

How is the expansion of the cervical canal

expansion of the cervical canal for inspection of the uterine cavity is performed as follows.The patient should be on a special gynecological chair.The vagina and perineum are treated with special disinfectants like before surgery.After a manual examination, the doctor exposes the cervix using mirrors.Manipulation begins with the capture of the front lip of the cervix with the help of forceps.Then the uterus is probed to determine the size and direction.After that, sequentially expand the cervical canal up to 8 mm with special tools-dilator.Then performed a hysteroscopy.

If the goal is to expand the cervical canal curettage, the uterus sharp curette is introduced to the bottom of the cavity.Further successive movements of the tool back and forth scraping the walls of the uterus is carried out to obtain the greatest amount of scraping.Then the cervix is ​​treated with a special solution.Curettage is performed to stop the dysfunctional uterine bleeding and to remove the maximum amount of necrotic endometrial hyperplasia and further histological examination.This procedure leads to the cessation of heavy bleeding for several months.