To which the doctor can address with varices

phlebology - a doctor specialization, its competence includes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various pathologies of the veins.To the doctor-phlebologist be treated for the treatment of the following diseases: varicose veins, congenital malformations of blood vessels, varicose veins of small pelvis, spider veins, venous thrombosis deep internal veins.It is recommended to visit a specialist on a regular basis, even in the absence of the disease, because it can detect the disease at an early stage.

For medical assistance you can contact the multi-city hospitals or clinics.To get a free appointment with a doctor-phlebologist, to visit the local therapist.He must issue a referral to a
specialist.In the absence of state institutions in phlebologist should write to the vascular surgeon (vascular surgeon), which deals with diagnosis, counseling, treatment, prevention of surgical diseases of blood vessels.When varicose veins can also contact the department of paid services in the hospital or one of the health centers in the state where there are specialists in vascular disease. Phlebology is one of the sections of vascular surgery.

How is the treatment of varicose veins

The first reception the doctor examines the patient assigns the necessary studies: Doppler ultrasound, duplex scanning, computed tomography and X-ray contrast research vessels, clinical and biochemical blood tests, hemostasiogram.The attending physician must develop an individual program of therapy.When varicose veins can be assigned to several species of conservative therapy disease: medication, compression garment, physiotherapy, correction of diet and lifestyle, hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches), radiofrequency therapy. For the treatment of varicose veins fine may be imposed sclerotherapy, while the vein is entered a special substance, "glue" the vessel and deducing it from the system flow.

Surgery for varicose appointed in extreme, severe cases.For surgical treatment of the disease is phlebectomy and miniflebektomiya and endovasal laser photocoagulation (EVLT).They are aimed at removing the affected veins, and their exclusion from the bloodstream.The doctor may combine several types of treatment.In the course of complex therapy sometimes requires correction, so the patient should be monitored by the same specialist.