effective ointment from scabies

To effectively treat scabies using sulfur-based ointments, benzyl benzoate, lindane krotamiona, biobendazola, esdepallertina.To penetrate the skin of the patient protivoskabioznyh funds must be clean.Therefore, before using the ointment is necessary to take a hot shower.

suspension "Benzyl" is made of green soap and benzyl benzoate.Purchase can be in the pharmacy.Before use, the vial is shaken thoroughly clean hands and rubbed over the entire surface of the skin, focusing on the treatment of hairy covers.After the first application you must wait ten minutes and apply protivoskabioznoe means again.Thus, the treatment is carried out in two days.

For babies up to three years prepared suspension is diluted in equal parts with boiled water.To the child
did not get the drug in the mouth, after treatment of the entire body is recommended to use cotton gloves.

skin treatments against scabies Dem'yanovich method is carried out with a solution of "sodium thiosulfate" and hydrochloric acid.When two funds allocated angridrit sulfur, providing acaricidal action.After applying the solution entire skin is treated with sulfuric ointment.

ointment Wilkinson vigorously rubbed on the night.As part of the funds it contains tar and sulfur to help kill the mites within a short time, relieve itching, not giving quietly to sleep at night.

Lotion "Lindane" rub three times a day.Low toxicity, affordable cost and maximum efficiency even in hot climates - is that dermatologists are highly appreciated all over the world.This tool is strictly forbidden to be used for the treatment of scabies in children under two years of age and pregnant women, and patients with chronic dermatitis.

«Kromation" is presented on sale in the form of a lotion, ointment, cream.Apply the drug every 12 hours for two to five days.

«Permethrin" is applied to the entire skin once.After 12 hours, wash, change bedding and underwear.If necessary, repeat the treatment after 7-10 days.

«Spregal" in the form of a spray applied to the skin from a distance of 30 cm. If you have a significant skin damage ticks rational solution to rub.

«Ivermectin" - new antiparasitic ointment with a high degree of efficiency and a minimum of side effects.The high price of the drug does not allow to apply it to all patients without exception.

How to get rid of scabies

Despite the fact that effective remedies for scabies enough to get rid of the tick can be difficult.Since the disease is highly contagious, treatment should be carried out simultaneously in all family members.Underwear and bed linen, towels are subject to a thorough boiling.Failure to comply with these rules, it is possible reinfection after successful therapy.