medicines based on renewable raw materials

Among such drugs are three popular types of drugs, bestowed by nature itself - Valerian tablets, tincture of motherwort tincture and peony.

first means has a mild but effective sedation.The reason for this property valerian - its essential oil consisting of esters of borneol and isovaleric acid.An important feature of this tool is the softness of the onset of the desired calm as a person is not immediately throws to sleep and peace of mind.

tablets valerian is best to start using for the upcoming stress.For example, you can know that next month will surrender complex report or the final work.In this case, start taking valerian advance and difficult period will be passed much calmer.

Valerian is effective and frequen
t migraines, strong nervously excited, lung disorders of the cardiovascular system, as well as in the case of sleep disorders.

Indications for use tincture motherwort are high nervous excitability, stress and labile hypertension, which currently affects more and more people.

peony tincture is used by people for many decades or even a century, as the excellent properties of this plant have been known and the applicability of the ancient herbalists.This tool effectively at a low ebb, not only mental but also physical strength caused by severe and prolonged stress.It tincture of peony is the real enemy of migraine, depression and stress. Peony is quite a strong allergen, so it must be taken with some caution, watching the reactions of the organism.

other sedatives that are often bought in pharmacies

pretty popular means of this kind is "Novopassit" is stronger and speedy impact on the nervous system than other drugs.His mission - to fight with irritability, anxiety and fear.

Nevertheless, the pharmaceutical company that produces "Novopassit" warned about possible side effects - frequent dizziness, lethargy and sleepiness, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, a strong decrease in concentration, cramps, itching, and muscle weakness.

Sedation other sedatives - "Persia" - softer than the "Novopassita."Precisely because of this, a person who buys and taking medication, will not feel sleepy in the middle of the day, but to feel a significant balancing state of mind.It

"Persia" can be replaced by a more potent sedatives and help a person suffering from insomnia, vegetative dystonia and neurosis, provoking anxiety or nervous excitement.