Modes of transmission are very diverse.The most common way - through the digestive tract.However, unwashed vegetables, fruits, berries, poorly roasted fish and meat into the body can get millions of helminth eggs.After inhalation of dust that contains helminth eggs and cysts also can cause contamination.Parasites can penetrate into the body through the skin.Through insect bites as possible infestation.During pregnancy, the mother can infect the fetus.
Signs that the body can be infected with parasites include: low blood hemoglobin, a sharp change in body weight, constant hunger, frequent headache, disturbance of the gastrointestinal tract,
joint pain, skinrashes, susceptibility to colds, allergies.
diseases develop on the background of human infection with worms, it is useless to treat.First you need to get rid of the parasitic disease.Treatment is carried out after a visit to the doctor and passing the required tests.To get rid of helminthiasis used pharmacological agents, traditional medicines, homeopathic medicines.
most effective method of treatment - medical.Recover from helminthiasis possible in a relatively short period.Depending on the identified species of helminths doctor may prescribe drugs from the group of anthelmintic drugs.Upon infection with ascarids, pinworms, hookworms may appoint pill "Dekaris", "Vermoxum", "piperazine," "Gelmintoks."When diagnosing nematode, shitostomami, trematodes, cestodes prescribers "Ditrazin", "Fenasol", "Praziquantel".
Homeopathic treatment of helminthiasis is safe and has no side effects.The treatment process will be a long compared to pharmacological.It is very important qualification of specialist homeopath who will pick up treatment.Invalid chosen course of drugs will not bring results.
Traditional medicine offers a very wide selection of medicines for the treatment of parasitic diseases.Herbs are used in the form of infusions, tinctures, decoctions.Medicinal plants with antiparasitic properties are celandine, tansy and wormwood.Also, similar properties have nard, black walnut, clove.They are used separately or in assembly.