main symptom of bronchitis is a cough that may be dry or with sputum.Its duration is usually 3 weeks.In acute diseases occur during coughing fits that may be accompanied by headache and deterioration of general condition of the patient.
disease does not pass without a temperature rise, and significant: 38-39oS.It is accompanied by fever, sweating, general weakness.Man gets tired quickly, significantly reduced its efficiency.In more severe cases there may be shortness of breath, and even pain in the chest.
When the doctor will summarize all indications, analyzes, conduct a full examination and diagnose bronchitis, the patient appointed special preparations which are directed not only to the cause of the infection, but a
lso in the symptomatic treatment.
If the cause of the disease is the bacterial flora, the appointed antibiotics penicillin.For example, "Augmentin", "Flemoklav", "Flemoksin" are the drugs of choice for infectious disease physician.If the reception is not enough penicillins, cephalosporins, connect the "Supraks", "Cefazolin," "Cefixime."At mild and moderate severity are assigned shape bronchitis drugs in tablet form or in the form of a slurry.When bronchitis has already reached a severe form, the only administration by injection is considered.
with viral bronchitis, because often appointed "Viferon", "Genferon" or "Kipferon."The duration of treatment in this case is not more than 10 days, the dosage is selected according to the age of the patient.
Since the main symptom of bronchitis is a cough, then a specialist appoint expectorant drugs, which facilitate the removal of mucus from the bronchi."Ambroxol", "Bromhexine" and "Erespal" an excellent job with this function.They have soft and robust action, but "Erespal" allowed children to receive up to a year.
For relief of dyspnea, a doctor prescribes drugs that enhance the bronchi - "Eufillin", "teopek", "Teotard" aerosol "Salbutamol".A perfect combination means considered syrup "Ascoril", which has a bronchodilator and expectorant action.
All drugs for the treatment of bronchitis should appoint a doctor who is able to select the optimal dose, to choose the right vehicle, route of administration and duration of treatment.Patients in any case should not be on their own to finish the medication itself or appoint another.