The cure hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - one of the most common diseases of the rectum, which are characteristic symptoms of inflammation, thrombosis and abnormal enlargement of hemorrhoidal veins.To his treatment was more effective, you first need to consult a doctor-proctologist who prescribe the necessary drugs.After all, someone may need only an anesthetic, another patient - stop bleeding, or removal of the inflammatory process.Among the drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids - candles and ointments that have excellent therapeutic effect and practically do not cause undesirable effects.

What ointments are more effective

Ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids are a large group of drugs, the choice of which depends on the stage of the disease and its clini
cal symptoms.

┬źHeparin ointment" contributes to the rapid resorption of hematomas, is well tolerated and is considered to be universal, so it can be used even for pregnant women and during lactation.In the case of acute illness after childbirth prescribed ointment "levomikol."

On stage prolapsed hemorrhoid effective "Liniment balsamic on Wisniewski", "Gepatrombin" and "Troxevasin."In the initial stages of the disease is very good ointment "Relief", made on the basis of active substances shark liver.

effectively relieves pain and itching, and helps stop bleeding ointment "Proktozan" active substance which is bismuth.

candles What better

These drugs are introduced into the rectum after a bowel movement is desired.Most candles are effective in the early stages, when the disease has not yet started.In exacerbations can be used in conjunction with ointments.Candles for the treatment of hemorrhoids are divided into three groups: for the treatment of pain, inflammation and stop the bleeding.

┬źnovocaine candle", "Movalis", "Proktoglivenol" and "Nise" - excellent analgesic drugs based on anestezina or novocaine, but they are contraindicated in hypertension.

The hemostatic composition of candles "Beriplast" and "Spongostan" includes vikasol, Dicynonum and calcium chloride, increase blood clotting.

components that are part of the anti-candles are made on the basis of propolis, sea buckthorn oil, St. John's wort extract, tea tree oil and other ingredients.The most effective of these "Relief", "Proctosedyl" and "Prosterizan."