colic called paroxysmal painful spasms in the stomach of a young child who can long torment the child and often occur on the background of absolute health.It is important to know that this diagnosis is made in cases where the baby between attacks do not bother, he is cheerful, active and continues to gain weight.

main causes of infant colic is the accumulation of gas in the intestines caused by the immaturity of the gastrointestinal tract of the child and the lack of enzymes in it.Although this condition is not normal, it is not pathology, usually colic fully tested for 4 - 5 months old, the digestive tract when finally formed.

There are several factors that influence the occurrence of colic children,
their parents, it is important to know to have a means to reduce the likelihood of attacks.

premature baby Premature babies colic occur much more often than those born on time.This is due to the general physiological immaturity of the infant, his unwillingness to birth.Gastrointestinal these children have not yet been formed and is working intermittently, and that causes spasmodic pain.

Malnutrition mother

The milk woman gets what she eats, and so it is this and will feed her baby.It is known that some foods can cause flatulence - main causes of infant colic.These products include in particular cabbage, cucumbers, green apples, beans, and too spicy and fatty foods, coffee, black tea, dairy products. In addition, the occurrence of colic triggers maternal smoking.Studies have shown that children of smoking women colic occur twice as often than those whose mothers did not smoke.

In lactating women should pay attention to their diet, as some of her favorite foods can not only cause colic, but also cause an allergic reaction in her baby.

Air in the stomach of the child

frequent occurrence of colic due to the fact that the baby swallows air during feeding.When breastfeeding is such a problem arises because of poor attachment to the breast. Make sure that the baby mouth captured not only the nipple but also the halo breast, then the air will not enter into his mouth during feeding.

have bottle-problem relates to the fact that the nipple hole too large or bottle fed at the wrong angle.Currently pharmacies can find a special bottle with a pacifier, repeating structure of the female breast with a valve to release the air.Such bottles greatly reduces the probability of colic.