you need
  • - to be examined;
  • -Choose a diet together with the doctor;
  • - medical literature.
Make an appointment with a gastroenterologist.Details tell him that you are concerned.The doctor will prescribe a survey, based on which the diagnosis.Only after this specialist will help you choose a diet, the most appropriate for you.This is the surest way in the treatment of gastric diseases.
use medical literature.If you notice something wrong in the stomach, it is always useful to read this information from reliable sources.Choosing a diet (in this way), you should know that in acute diseases of the gastrointes
tinal tract is prohibited raw food diet.Recommended vegetables slightly extinguish, at least 2-3 minutes.In addition, eliminate from your diet fried food, spicy dishes, smoked foods, fatty meats, preservatives, etc.
Include in your diet more than dairy products.Studies have shown that they promote many of the internal processes in the body, contributing to its improvement.Include in your diet soups, porridge, steamed dishes.
Choose a balanced diet.The body for normal functioning of essential vitamins, trace elements.So do not choose monodiets, causing irreparable harm.During treatment, the stomach is important to get the right amount of vitamins, beneficial effect on digestion.To do this, include in your diet rice bran and buckwheat.
Eliminate from your diet difficult to digest foods.These include: rough-skinned vegetables, beans, radishes, radish, seeds and more.They cause irritation of the stomach, aggravating the disease.