in cigarette smoke contains more than 100 cancer-causing compounds, and up to 4,000 chemicals.Smoking pregnant systematically poisoning their blood hazardous substances.Fruit, getting all the nutrients through the placenta, suffering from hypoxia.Red blood cells are saturated with carbon dioxide gas and chemicals, delivering with the whole range of carcinogens bloodstream through the placenta to the child.
Smoking during pregnancy leads to a lack of vitamins in a woman's body.Lack of folic acid, vitamins B and C leads to pathologies in the development of the nervous system of the embryo.If we add oxygen starvation of the fetus, the baby can be born with serious mental disorders, which will be particularly evident in t
he period, when the time comes to go to school.
smoke toxic compounds affect cell division in the embryo, which in turn leads to pathologies of vital organs, bone deformities, birth defects and vices.
kids, born of smoking mothers more susceptible to sudden infant death, suffering severe allergic reactions, chronic diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, subject to colds and infectious diseases.
underweight at birth - this is another negative factor of smoking during pregnancy.A child is born weakened, it requires more care, attention.
But that's not all.Nicotine promotes contraction of blood vessels.The blood supply to the placenta becomes insufficient, which can lead to the death of an embryo to miscarriage in early pregnancy and premature birth in the later stages.
to give birth to a healthy baby, still in the planning stages of pregnancy give up bad habits, go through a thorough medical examination, visit a family planning center, where you will be given advice genetics and psychology.
Women smokers who are not planning a pregnancy should give up the habit as soon as they found out about her pregnancy.At this time we can not take pills that help you to easily quit smoking, nicotine patches and other means, to abundant sold in pharmacies.Remember that continuing to smoke, you are endangering your own health and the life of her unborn baby.