saturate the body with oxy
gen to a greater or lesser extent in several ways.The most efficient and fastest of them - the so-called hyperbaric oxygen therapy, oxygen therapy, is supplied under pressure in a pressure chamber.These sessions improve the overall condition of the body, improves muscle tone and resistance to infection, help resist stress.Find out if your city the opportunity to pass this treatment, consult your doctor.A kind of alternative to the pressure chamber may be so-called oxygen capsule, which, along with sunbeds, often set in beauty salons.It not only helps to saturate the body with oxygen, but also has a strong influence of cosmetology, as is often used in combination with aromatherapy and color therapy.
Engage in physical activity, if you have still not yet done.To cope with anoxia help rhythmic exercises and breathing exercises, yoga, Bodyflex.Every day to be outdoors, you walk to and from work, went on nature at the weekend.
Walk course of oxygen therapy with the use of so-called oxygen cocktails - juice, which by means of a special device are converted into oxygenated foam.According to doctors, a half-liter portion of the "skin" on the effectiveness of the impact on the body is two hours walking through the woods.It should be noted that the ratio of this method is quite ambiguous.Skeptics claim oxygenate that is possible only through the respiratory system, and not through the gastrointestinal tract.Whatever it was, if possible, should try this method: it is completely harmless and is often recommended even for pregnant women, for whom the lack of oxygen is the most dangerous.
In recent years, there was a special sale of mineral water enriched with oxygen.According to advertisers, dissolved oxygen is absorbed well when it is used.You may check this assertion on themselves - in any case, the body will benefit from at least good quality water.
If possible, go through the course of salon treatments, oxygenates the skin.Most popular of them - the so-called oxygen mesotherapy, during which the gas stream is fed precisely on the skin of the device through a special nozzle.This procedure rejuvenates, improves the appearance and accelerates the regeneration of the skin.Get a dedicated oxygen cosmetic anti-aging effect.