demodex - is subcutaneous parasite and doctors are of the opinion that it is at all, just that most of it is not active and does not manifest itself, ie. A. Is in the normal range, and some of its many andThere are adults.Even worse, when it multiplies and the owner of this parasite oily skin, hormonal imbalance and a permanent digestive diseases, weakened immune system.The tick will exist on the face and leave the products of its life activity (spots) until you defeat the oiliness and greasiness of the skin where it feeds, and you need to fix your health: to cure the digestive tract, improve the immune system and stick to the normal daily routine, try to eat right.
Acne can identify only a doctor, appointing his patient analysis.Analysis of charge in the following way: from the face gently scraping take (the outermost layer of the epid
ermis) and see it under a microscope, and only in the presence of adults considered demodekoz identified and then it should be treated.
demodectic treatment takes much time and effort is required tremendous perseverance and competent doctor.The treatment for every skin type should be individualized!Fortunately, demodekos treated very effectively and properly, before the years people could not get rid of this disease.
most effective means against external demodectic mange is tar, both in pure form for application to the face with a cotton swab at night and soap for washing in the morning and evening.Tar exfoliates the skin, pimples dries, disinfects the skin.Apply it carefully, it causes burns to the skin, redness.As well as benzyl benzoate ointment - to eliminate subcutaneous mite itself, it's a bit mattes the skin.With this ointment burning sensation that wears off.It is impossible to smear a thick layer, or can cause skin burns.Good help for demodicosis sulfuric ointment, it reduces inflammation and prevents mite development.Metrogil gel - relieves inflammation.Among phototherapy against demodectic used wormwood and tansy as a compresses and tinctures.It is important to wipe the face for the treatment of alcohol tinctures.This is especially helpful if the patient demodex oily skin.Greasiness of the skin will be eliminated and mites will have nothing to eat.Wipe face to gently, several times a day by different alcohol tinctures and lotions.You can use salicylic alcohol, and formic levomitsetinovy ​​alcohols.During treatment it is necessary to maintain the hygiene of bed linen, t. To. The feature of the tick that he lives not only on the skin of people, but even in mattresses, pillows.If your pillow is too old, during treatment, and buy a new pillow should be changed every day.The easiest way to lay on the pillow a small towel and change it.Do not use foundation during treatment in any way!Foundations - a breeding ground for mite.Do not be afraid, it's a parasite, t. To. They do a lot of the human body.For the treatment of demodectic
internally prescribe antibiotics act aimed at the destruction of subcutaneous bacteria and parasites.For example, erythromycin.Long treated by such drugs should not be, as long-term use of antibiotics can only make the situation worse.In the complex treatment of demodectic mange is to maintain the internal organs, so be sure to spend on drugs for the gastrointestinal tract and liver, as well as a means of boosting the immune system.For immunity of the skin, to improve its structure and fortification is assigned retinol acetate.
After passes demodekoz remain scars, spots, roughness.To eliminate them, you can use the infusion of parsley as parsley has a bleaching effect.To regenerate skin fit all possible bleaching creams, emulsions, lotions.For example, fresh-water sponge.In cosmetic clinics apply cryo, laser resurfacing and other methods of skin exfoliation.
Cryomassage can be organized at home.For this purpose, a glass of boiled water, add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and put in the freezer.After the mixture hardens, remove the cake of ice and massage their skin for 1-2 minutes.With daily use of massage, brighten spots from acne, the skin becomes smoother.Regularly use a variety of face masks to eliminate the effects of demodectic mange and prevent its occurrence.
Do not self!If there are constant eruptions, oily skin, gray tinge to the skin, pimples go slowly and leave scars, then immediately consult a dermatologist for evaluation and appropriate treatment.