What is hyaluronic acid

To determine how useful the different routes of administration gilauronki as it is affectionately known cosmetologists is useful to begin to find out what all of this stuff and how it works.Hyaluronic acid is found in many human body tissues, for example, it is particularly important for the joints.That is the substance responsible for the ability of the fabric to retain fluid.As skin ages, its cells begin to store less water, so wrinkles and deteriorates the appearance.Hyaluronic acid helps the skin to return to normal.

But beyond the skin in the body, there are other fabrics that are in desperate need of this stuff.For example, this joints.Synovial lubricant t
hat is present between them becomes thinner with age and loses its elasticity, which causes the aging of the joints and a decrease of their mobility.Synovial fluid is very important for the regeneration of the whole organism.

Given that hyaluronic acid is used in many tissues of the body, not just the skin, it is logical to assume that the tablet will operate less focused than the local administration.

Restores lack of hyaluronic acid

Upon reaching the age of 25 the body starts to produce less and less hyaluronic acid.To keep the skin, can provide delivery of the substance via subcutaneous injections, tablets and various creams and serums.

most effective way for the skin - the injection.During the procedure, acid gets directly into the skin, and immediately starts there is a useful activity.Creams can also only slightly smooth horny layer of skin, but deep down they do not penetrate.

Reception hyaluronic acid tablets

Application tablets gialuronka to improve the skin - a relatively new idea.Earlier this substance was administered oral, unless required effect of a different kind: the treatment of articular tissues.

When hyaluronic acid into the stomach, the first thing it is split into simpler substances that the body then creates her own, but in a more convenient form.This is necessary, all complex compounds tested through the digestion process.

But the human body is primarily concerned not about the absence of wrinkles, and health.He is "confident" that the state is much more important joints couple of wrinkles.Therefore, hyaluronic acid, if taken into capsules primarily goes to fill the shortage of synovial fluid, and then later, if there are surplus to improve skin condition.

Scare off from the use of hyaluronic acid in the tablets can its value - it is quite high.

But if you hear the positive feedback that the pills improve the skin, then it is quite likely true.You just need to use them for a long period of time (usually 2-3 months), and the effect does not appear immediately after the injection, and much later.But significantly improve the condition of the joints.Besides hyaluronic acid normally found in supplements, which include those commonly available vitamin and antioxidant compounds.

Remember that you can assign yourself currently only fruits and vegetables.Hyaluronic acid - the same drug with its contraindications, so consult with your doctor.It is important how well the drug you use, so read the label, whether it is the Russian dietary supplements, or made in France.