allergy medications that do not cause drowsiness

Antihistamines are the first generation to effectively eliminate allergy symptoms, but have a number of side effects."Suprastin", "Tavegil", "Diphenhydramine" have a sedative effect, a significant effect on muscle tone, have a pronounced and rapid but short-lived effect, lose their effectiveness after prolonged use, increase the effect of sleeping pills and alcohol, cause tachycardia, drymouth, urinary retention, constipation, blurred vision.Currently, these pharmaceuticals are not used and are taken by patients to self-medicate, because once they have appointed these drugs.

does not cause drowsiness, have a minimum of side effects of antihistamines third generat
ion.Prescribe drugs such babies from 1-2 years in the form of a syrup for adults in the form of tablets.Drowsiness may occur only if a strong physical fatigue, and chronic sleep deprivation, that is, when the nervous system is working for wear.

«Cetirizine" - the third-generation antihistamine.Quickly and efficiently removes all the symptoms of allergies, does not cause drowsiness, has a lasting effect.Taking pills or syrup should be in accordance with the recommendation of a doctor one time a day.Analogs "cetirizine" "Zodak" "Zyrtec", "Parlazin", "Letizen S".

«Telfast" least effective drug allergy.Has no cardiotoxic effect, does not cause drowsiness, it does not react with other pharmaceutical agents and alcohol is not metabolized.

«Feksofaden" - an antihistamine that does not lead to a breach of psychomotor and does not cause drowsiness.Analogs "Feksofast" "Feksadin".

Antihistamines are the second generation without sedative effect

Antihistamines are the second generation has a rapid and long-lasting therapeutic effect.Do not cause drowsiness, holinoliticheskogo effects do not affect the physical and mental activity.These medicines include: "Treks", "Fenistil" "Claritin", "Gistalong" "Sempreks.

Patients must remember that only a doctor will be able to appoint a drug that would be the most effective and safe in a particular case.It is not necessary to self-medicate or take pharmaceutical drugs that you once appointed.