If hypotension important to observe the mode of the day, you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day.Useful walks in the fresh air, exercise, douches, massage.If the normalization of the correction is not sufficient lifestyle prescribed medication.The most accessible and popular remedy for low blood pressure is caffeine.Take your pills "Caffeine sodium benzoate."Adults need to receive 50-100 mg twice or three times a day, children - 30-75 mg two to three times per day.Do not drink the medication at bedtime.Please be aware that excessive use of the substance can cause arrhythmia.
To increase the pressure, you can take lemongrass infusion of 25 drops 3 times a day on an empty stomach or after 4 hours after eating.The i
nfusion can be replaced with lemongrass oil capsules, take them on 2-3 pieces 3 times a day.This drug is a low-toxic, but can cause over-nervous and cardiovascular system.The drug is contraindicated for insomnia, acute infectious diseases, severe cardiac abnormalities.
When low blood pressure may appoint a tincture or capsules of ginseng (restorative and tonic).Adults and children twelve years of the drug need to drink a half hour before eating 15-25 drops two to three times a day.Capsules Take 2 pieces twice a day.The course of treatment can last 30-40 days.This tool is not suitable for high excitability, epilepsy, convulsive states, sleep disorders, acute infectious and viral diseases, chronic liver disease, during pregnancy and lactation, children under 12 years.It does not take a tincture of ginseng in the second half of the day, as this will cause sleep disorders.
If the pressure drop caused by the disorder of the functions of the vagus nerve, patients received "Bellataminal" one tablet two or three times a day.The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy, angina, severe degree of atherosclerosis, peripheral artery spasm, angle-closure glaucoma.With frequent orthostatic hypotension (fall in blood pressure in the vessels of the sudden lifting of the bed) may assign "Fludrocortisone" in doses of 100 mg three times per week to 200 mg once a day.The duration of intake - no more than two weeks.Its side effects is a metabolic disorder of potassium in the body.When expressed significant frustration vascular tone used injection "desoxycorticosterone."Standard Course - 10 shots.By the side effects of the drug include kidney damage manifested edema.