Antibiotics - a large group of substances that can suppress the vital activity of bacteria.Antibacterial drugs used in the treatment of infectious diseases and with proper selection contribute to the rapid recovery.As you know, many infections cause fever, so some patients are self-starting to take antibiotics at the first sign of fever.The consequences of this self may be allergic reactions, dysbiosis and stability of pathogenic microorganisms to antibiotics.

Do I need antibiotics at

Rising temperatures - the universal reaction of the immune system, which can be caused by bacterial and viral infections, neoplastic processes, autoimmune diseases.Therefore, antibiotics can not start because of a high temperature and deterioration of general condition: first of all you need to see a doctor for a correct d
iagnosis statement.

cough, fever, sore throat - symptoms of ordinary flu and SARS, and the disease in 9 cases out of 10 are caused by viruses.Acceptance of antibacterial drugs in the viral infection is useless and even harmful, because it does not bring anything except reducing immune suppression and useful for human microflora.

Antibiotic treatment of bacterial infections

Antibiotics are prescribed in the event that a viral infection bacterial joined.Identify yourself is almost impossible, because even the doctor may find it difficult to diagnosis because of the similarity of symptoms.However, if the temperature is not reduced during the week, or rises again some time after the onset of the disease, it may indicate bacterial complications.
Heat may be accompanied by the following diseases:

- angina;

- acute otitis media;

- suppurative complications (purulent lymphadenitis, descending laryngotracheitis);

- inflammation of the sinuses or sinusitis.

antibacterial drug for the treatment the doctor chooses, in accordance with the clinical picture of the disease and the results of analyzes.The criterion for selecting the correct antibiotic is lowering the temperature in the first 36 - 48 hours after the start of therapy.If not, change the medication.It is important not to stop taking the antibiotic early, as it can lead to a relapse or acute infection transition to chronic.