lozenges and sprays

Absorbable candy from a sore throat is a very common method of treatment.Their main active ingredient is phenol, kills bacteria on the mucous membrane of the throat.As a result, the infection is kept under control and do not progress until the body strengthens its resistance by directing the immune system to overcome the disease.Also candies soothe painful sensations, causing numbness in the nerve endings in the throat - its analgesic effect lasts for about half an hour.These include lozenges as "Valium", "Halls", "Angie Sept", "Weeks" and "Grammidin."

should not keen on these candies as phenol in their lineup has a different dosage and may adversely affect the health of the abuse.

No less popular and effective remedy for sore throat and are sprays
that are easy to use - just direct the spray bottle to water down his throat and his medicine.To increase their effectiveness, should be before the application of the throat spray rinse thoroughly with warm soda solution, which will remove the mucus from the surface of the mucous membranes and pave the way medicine to inflamed areas of the throat.In the process of spraying must hold their breath spray to get the appointment, rather than the respiratory tract, as well as swallowing.It is best proven sprays "Bioparox", "Orasept", "Ingalipt", "Stopangin" and "Kamfomen."

Tablets Tablets

sore throat are also used on a par with drops and sprays because they are, in addition to eliminating the discomfort, reduce inflammation and kill the viruses that cause it.Most of these pills is a powerful antibacterial, antiseptic and healing effect, which greatly helps in acute pharyngitis, tonsillitis, and even of dental diseases as stomatitis, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

tablets from a sore throat are both general and local action, allows their use as a "first aid" for inflammation of the larynx.

This type of treatment is ideal for bacterial pathogen - antiseptics that are part of the tablets from a sore throat, antibiotics are not traditional, but they destroy pockets of bacteriological infection is not less effective.The most popular pills are considered "Geksoral", "Septefril", "Imudon", "Septolete Plus", "Faringosept" and "Falimint."