The drug "Flomax" in dry and wet cough

Use "Flomax" is possible in the dry and wet cough with phlegm trudnootdelimoy, shortness of breath, with bronchospasm caused by exposure to tobacco smoke, cold air.Ipratropium bromide has a blocking effect on the cholinergic receptors, which allows to slow reflexes in the irritating effect of the vagus nerve.This in turn significantly reduces bronchospasm in any kind of cough, reduces the release of viscous secretion glands, including bronchial.

relaxation of muscles of the bronchi enhances expectoration of accumulated mucus in the wet cough with phlegm and prevents trudnootdelimoy spastic reduction of bronchial smooth muscle in dry cough.

Fenoterol a therapeutic dose stimulates the b2-adrenergic
receptors.When using high doses of stimulus is on the b1-adrenergic receptors.The relaxation of the bronchi and blood vessels prevents bronchospasm, arises because of the effects of cold air, allergens, histamine or methacholine.

Mukolitsiarny clearance occurs at a dose of 600 micrograms.The mucous membrane of the respiratory tract is freed from the accumulation of mucus, breathing becomes much easier.

Systemic exposure to the drug "Flomax" is accompanied by minimal side effects, since absorbed into the bloodstream of the minimum dose of fenoterol and ipratropium bromide.However, you need to use the spray only for its intended purpose and under the supervision of a doctor.

Doses "Berodual»

Spray "Flomax" is available in metal cans and is designed for 200 doses.When wet cough with phlegm trudnootdelimoy, dry cough, asthma attack, use two inhaled dose.If within 5-7 minutes have the desired effect, it is permissible to conduct a further 2 inhalation.The maximum allowable number of inhalations per day should not exceed eight.

solution for use in nebulizers produced in vials of 20 ml.During an acute attack of asthma in adults use 20 drops "Berodual."The maximum permitted daily dose should not exceed 160 drops.Drops diluted with saline and 4 mg inhalations for seven minutes.The break between repeated inhalation should not be less than 4 hours.Along with "Berodual" should be assigned to complete a full treatment of the disease, which caused bronchospasm attacks or dry cough.