How to restore the liver

to restore the liver is necessary to give up alcohol, as well as fried and fatty foods.There are cases when a problem with this body were themselves immediately after the transition to a healthy lifestyle.To restore the liver often prescribe drugs that promote the regeneration of its cells.These drugs improve liver and biliary tract and normalize digestion.

These drugs include "Legalon" containing an extract of milk thistle spotty.He has a strong hepatoprotective effect, improves digestion and intracellular metabolism, stabilizes hepatocyte membrane.In patients receiving the drug improves the splitting of lactic acid, which increases the overall endurance.The drug reduces inflammation in the liver, promotes the binding of free radicals.

To restore the liver can assign complex preparation "Essen
tiale", containing phospholipids, nicotinamide, vitamin B and B6, pantothenic acid.It contributes to the improvement of cell membranes, effective in the treatment of chronic and acute hepatitis, cirrhosis, toxic lesions.The drug that reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.When toxic liver disease and chronic hepatitis is recommended to take "Gelabene" containing extracts of milk thistle and dymyanki.

Preparations for the recovery of the liver

In some cases, patients prescribed "Essliver Forte" - hepatoprotector, restores and protects liver cells.The drug normalizes lipid metabolism in the damaged hepatocytes extreme diets, poor nutrition, for poisoning and rapid weight loss.

For the treatment of chronic liver diseases take "Rezalyut Pro", it is based on soybeans.Means restores the function of the liver cells and their structure and lowers cholesterol.Homeopathic medicine "Galstena" is used in the treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis, cholelithiasis, chronic cholecystitis and pancreatitis.

liver function effectively restores "hepatamin" means it is recommended for chronic and acute liver damage, with antibiotic therapy, under the influence of negative factors, as well as the elderly.

Gepaprotektory must be taken during the course of unfavorable factors, as well as symptoms of malaise.The duration of treatment should be determined by the physician.