you need
  • solution "Dimexidum" gauze bandage, polyethylene, cotton, bandage.
drug "Dimexidum" has a specific composition, which can cause allergic reactions.Therefore, always before applying spend sample for this soak a tampon in the solution and apply to the inside of your wrist, observe the reaction.If the skin turns red at this point - you drug is contraindicated if the rash and redness are not there - you can use this solution for medical compresses.
solution "Dimexidum" sold in pharmacies - is a concentrate for compresses can be applied only in a diluted form.If you have inflamed joints, dilute solution "Dimexidum" with water in equal proportions, it is best to use warm water 38 C in the resulting solution Dampen gauze,
place it on the sore spot.Cloth cover with plastic or waterproof paper.Top with a layer of cotton wool thickness of about 1-2 cm, its size should be slightly larger than the gauze.Fix the bandage compress several tours, be sure to wrap the bandage in the direction of lymph flow - from the periphery to the center, for example, when applying a compress on the knee joint, start winding from the lower leg to the hip.Compress "Dimexidum" can be applied 1-2 times a day, but not more than 2 hours - if you leave the solution for a longer time, the skin can cause irritation in the form of redness and rash.
compress "Dimexidum" can be applied to inflamed skin, sores on for erysipelas changes, etc.In these cases, you can use 20-30 percent solution.For guidance it using a ratio of 1: 4 or 1: 5, a dish pour 4 or 5 tablespoons of water (or other measures) and add 1 spoon "Dimexidum."Keep in mind that water is poured concentrate medicine, and not vice versa.Regulations concerning compress the same as on the affected joint - iemoistened wipes and apply it to the wound, close polyethylene, then superimpose a layer of cotton wool and commit.Compress application time of 1 hour.
For compresses on the face area, you can use a weak solution of no more than 10%.For his guidance dissolve in 9 servings of warm water 1 part concentrate "Dimexidum."Apply the compress for 20 to 30 minutes, avoid eye area.Do not forget that evaporates, "Dimexidum" has a pungent smell and its fumes can irritate membrane of eyes, so appropriate to apply the solution only on the neck and forehead.
the purpose of the combination of anti-inflammatory properties "Dimexidum 'wounds with local anesthesia can not dilute the concentrate with water, novocaine.In this case, you can not feel a burning sensation or discomfort both during compression of water, and you may want to hold the compress longer, but this is not necessary, sinceirritating solution still has simply have reduced local sensitivity.