How do "Mucosolvan" and "Ambroksol»

These drugs are used in inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract that occur with the formation of viscous mucus.They effectively liquefies phlegm and facilitates its removal from the bronchi.According to the instructions, the active ingredient of both drugs is ambroxol hydrochloride.When injected into the gastro-intestinal tract it is rapidly absorbed into the blood.Action "Mucosolvan" and "Ambroxol" begins 30 minutes after administration and lasts for 6 - 12 hours.

In the complex treatment, they are ideally combined with anti-inflammatory drugs.Due to the fact that drugs are excreted by the kidneys, chronic renal failure, this process is much longer. not be combined "Mucosolvan" and "Ambroxol" with antitussives, complicating removal of spu
tum ("Codeine", "Tusupreks", "Libeksin"), as it can lead to stagnation in the lungs.

Side effect "Mucosolvan" and "Ambroxol»

These medications have both identical composition, and similar adverse effects.In case of hypersensitivity to the active substance of patients these drugs allergic reactions such as skin rash, hives, in very rare cases may develop anaphylactic shock.Sometimes there may be violations of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary system.

in the pharmacy network "Mucosolvan" and "Ambroxol" sold without a prescription.However it is better to consult a doctor before using them children under 6 years of age, nursing mothers, patients with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, liver and kidney failure. When using "Mucosolvan" and "Ambroxol" lactation, some drugs can be detected in breast milk, but their concentration is so small that it does not affect the body of an infant.

What is the difference between "Mucosolvan" and "Ambroxol»

Feedback from patients, it is exactly the same on the Effects of the drug with triple the difference in price."Mucosolvan" produced a powerful pharmaceutical company in Greece, which has a good reputation."Ambroxol" is an analogue of the well-known brand.He made less well-known manufacturers, mainly in the former Soviet Union.

These medicines are sold in the form of tablets or syrup.In addition, "Mucosolvan" is issued in the form of a solution for oral and inhalation which can be used in any modern inhalation device excluding evaporated inhalers.

word, "Mucosolvan" - is the most common "Ambroxol" in a beautiful package.