Tip 1: How to return the medication to the pharmacy

return any goods purchased in the pharmacy is not always possible, because everything depends on the specific situation.This area is regulated by special laws.It is because of them, and we must proceed when you intend to return the item back.
For a start it is worth noting that the return and exchange drugs are impossible in the event that the goods themselves have a proper quality.Such a solution has been found in connection with the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation, released in January 1998 and based on the order №785 of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of December 2005.
However, the buyer has the full right to return the goods, if it turned out to be defective, of poor quality, and if it expired.This provision is enshrined in the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.The exact time in which you need to return an item does not exist.As a general rule, a return is necessary to carry out the expiration date of the warranty period o
r the goods (if ordered, for example, a medical device).In addition, the second paragraph of Article 477 of the Civil Code Russia says that there is a reasonable period of time equal to two years from date of purchase.During this time as legitimate to return defective goods.
If you decide to return the goods on the same day that bought it, then please pharmacy .There will have to issue an invoice for a refund in two copies.One necessarily passed on to you: you show it when you get the money for the goods.The second bill will be applied to commodity report.This procedure provided for in paragraph 10.3 of the Methodological recommendations of July 1996.By the way, you give your money for the cash voucher from the operating fund.Please note that it must be kept painting Head Pharmacy and his deputy.
When returning goods is not the day of purchase and, later, the order of the procedure will not change.The only difference is that the money you'll be getting through the main box office of the company, rather than through operating.Therefore, make a written statement on the basis of his accountant will write the account cash warrant.By the way, in both documents (and in the application and in the order) should always indicate the data such as: name, surname, patronymic, passport data and address of the buyer.

Tip 2: How to return the medicine

In 1998, the Government of the Russian Federation agreed that the return and exchange of drugs to the pharmacy is not possible.In 2005, the Ministry of Health and Social Development issued a corresponding order for №785.But at the same time there is a reservation - "goods should have the proper quality."From this still has a chance to return medicine to the pharmacy.Only it is necessary to know in which cases it is possible.
How to return a cure
you need
  • - Medicine;
  • - packaging;
  • - instruction;
  • - a witness;
  • - conclusion of the doctor;
  • - book reviews and proposals;
  • - information stand.
Return medicine to a pharmacy, you can, if you find faults.These include: - the lack of instructions - expired - mismatch appearance medicines and describing its characteristics in the instructions - marriage in the package - defects in labeling; - mismatch of expiry (series) between the primary (tube, bottle, vial) and secondary packaging (carton).
If you notice any of these drawbacks take medicine to the pharmacy, ask for a similar change or return the money.
If your request was not granted, refers to the law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights, Article 18. In any pharmacy to be an information stand, grab a copy of this law, and familiarize them with the pharmacist.
Further refuse your request, ask the pharmacy to call the supervisor or his deputy.Explain to him everything in detail.Say please Rospotrebnadzor.
Demand book reviews and suggestions, write their data (name and address) and the essence of the situation.Point out that if within 5 days of your request is not satisfied - you go to court with a claim.
sure to write down from the stand pharmacy data: name, address, name of the head, the phone number of Rospotrebnadzor.This will show that they are willing to go through in case of failure.
If medicine good quality, then return it to the pharmacy, you can only be an error pharmacist.For example, you need to buy a medical ointment, and gave - cream.In this case, immediately ask to exchange medicine .A confirmation of your righteousness can become a doctor's prescription or a witness.
When buying non-prescription medicines you should consult contraindications.Most pharmacists recommend medication, talking about his safety.Houses client detects that the tool can not be applied to him.In this case, you can exchange the drug at the pharmacy with the appropriate conclusions from a doctor and a witness.Thus, in this case, the drug trade will be difficult.
Helpful Hint
Be extremely careful when purchasing medicines.Check its appearance, packaging, instructions, shelf life immediately at the cash register.
  • Return and exchange of drugs.
Even if you lose your cash register receipt, the seller will be obliged to take you substandard or expired goods.The main thing - is to prove that you made the purchase was in this organization.