list of essential medicines is reviewed and approved annually.In 2012, it includes 567 names of medicines.The availability of these drugs - one of the basic requirements for pharmacies.Thus, a person in need of a particular drug from the list can get it on favorable terms, without spending time and effort to search.

appear in the list of drugs designed to fight with a variety of diseases.This means from the flu, such as "Arbidol" or "Kagocel" and other anti-viral drugs, such as "Acyclovir".Also listed in the list of the names of drugs more serious infections, such as HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis.

By and large, the list of essential medicines covers almost all areas of clinical medicine.This includes drugs to treat
cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal diseases, as well as medicines needed in ophthalmology, hematology, oncology, transplant, gynecology, dermatology, neurology, etc.

particular importance in this list have the drugs for diabetics.According to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, the margin on them is minimal.A similar decision was taken in respect of drugs for the treatment of broncho-pulmonary diseases.Such medications as "Flomax", as well as products based on ambroxol can be purchased in every pharmacy at a reasonable price.

third of the medicines listed in the list, only foreign pharmaceutical companies.93 of drugs accounted for the domestic producer.The greater part of the approved list of drugs (47.1%) produced by both domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

A complete list of essential drugs can be found in every drugstore.Instead of each drug should be given the maximum retail price.