Analogs "Belosalika»

Medicament "Belosalik" is made by the pharmaceutical company Belupo dd(Slovenia).An analogue of this tool - "Akriderm", he discharged the Russian firm "Akrihrin."On sale you can find Polish counterpart - "Betaderm" (pr-in «Jelfa SA») and "Betasal" from the company «Bosnalijek» (Bosnia and Herzegovina).Ointments "Belosalik" and "Betasal" include betamethasone dipropionate (glucocorticosteroid) and salicylic acid.

into "Akriderma" besides betamethasone dipropionate, includes vaseline oil, sodium sulfite."Betaderm" contains in its composition as sulfate genamitsina - a broad spectrum antibiotic.These drugs have anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, anti-allergic effect.They have a rapid effect, reduce the focus of inflammation, relieve pain, irritation, prevent the development of fungal and bacterial infection. Replace analogue drug sho
uld be only after consultation with your doctor.

How to use the drug "Belosalik" and its analogues

«Belosalik" and its analogues for the treatment of neurodermatitis appoint, eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus, ichthyosis, lupus, diaper rash.A small amount of ointment should be applied to the patients skin, gently rubbing.The drug is used two times per day.Duration of therapy - 3-4 weeks.Children under the age of twelve years "Belosalik" and analogues are used only under medical supervision.These drugs are rarely exhibit side effects, which are reversible and have a bland character.Patients may develop hypersensitivity reactions (burning, itching, redness), other side effects include acne, hypopigmentation, hypertrichosis, skin atrophy, secondary skin infections. Prolonged constant application of ointment "Belosalik" and its analogues can be manifested systemic side effects that are associated with the suppression of adrenocortical function.

Ointment "Belosalik" and analogues are contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the drug, tuberculosis of the skin, chicken pox, cutaneous manifestations of syphilis, open wounds, viral infections of the skin, acne vulgaris, skin postvaccinal manifestations, venous ulcers, rosacea,in children younger than 6 months.Perhaps the use of "Belosalika" and its analogues during pregnancy, but you should not use the drug for a long time, it is recommended to put it on small areas of skin.During lactation these ointments administered on strict conditions, the funds should not be applied before feeding at the breast.