reviews "magnerot" patients

Most people taking this medication, speak of him as a valuable, quality products.With rare unanimity there is a high efficacy in getting rid of night cramps.

give positive feedback and hypertensive cores suffering arrythmia, other types of arrhythmia, tachycardia.The number of unscheduled contractions of the heart is reduced significantly.This rarely bothered heartaches.Stop asthma attacks.Due to such positive changes improved sleep.

«Magnerot" rebuked and tachycardia, however, it is necessary to take a long time.Hypertensive noted that the threat of crises faded into the background.Those who have suffered a heart attack, the heart was less tingle.

The lack of magnesium in the body often occurs because the patient's stomach and inte
stines;alcoholism;physical inactivity;stress;receiving diuretics;increased sweating;vomiting, diarrhea;during pregnancy.

As the reviews, the drug relieves headaches due to vascular spasm of cerebral circulation, neuroses."Magnerot" calms at tearfulness, irritability, neurotic conditions.

Some patients say that taking it every spring and autumn to relieve seasonal depression as the drug tidies nervous system.He is especially effective with sedatives.

But the largest number of positive reviews about "magnerot" give women.During pregnancy, it prevents the tone of the uterus, dangerous premature birth.It makes breathing easier by eliminating the debilitating breathlessness.Less common symptoms of toxicity torture.

substantial benefits of the drug and say people involved in sports.It is easier to tolerate extreme physical exertion, there is a burst of energy, the heart becomes more resilient.

Reception "magnerot" provided 18 years.However, it is widely used pediatricians.Doctors selected dosage, given the age and weight of children.Parents confirm that children and adolescents tolerate the drug well.

Norma magnesium for preschoolers - 60-100 mg per day.For schoolchildren and teenagers - 100-200 mg.For adults - about 300 mg.Women during pregnancy and breastfeeding - 400-500 mg.

Among the possible side effects of medications - unstable stool, diarrhea.Patients complain about it are extremely rare.Moreover, these disorders occur only at high dosages that must be reduced.

According approximately every third patient from the drug, perhaps, only one drawback: it is good, but pricey.It is necessary to take every day for at least three or four pills, and it is quite expensive.

reviews "magnerot" medical

doctors polar opinions: some believe that it is effective, others - that is useless.Explainable by the fact that the judge of that preparation is indeed difficult, because it does not operate independently, but together with other prescribers.

compare: if the drug "Panangin" contains the equivalent of 13 mg of magnesium, "Asparkam" - almost as much as 14 mg, the "Magnerot" - 33 mg, "Magne-B6» - 48 mg, "Magnelis-B6 »- 56 mg, and" Magne-B6 forte "- 100 mg.

There are reviews of some cardiologists who believe that "Magnerot" does not play a significant role in the elimination of arrhythmia.Preparations of magnesium, in their opinion, are effective only in myocardial infarction and only when administered intravenously.In tablets, it makes no sense to take magnesium - it is better to eat more foods that many of the macro element.

Judging by the opinion of a number of gynecologists during pregnancy benefit from the drugs, too little magnesium.They refer to the Cochrane solid research that these drugs do not prevent preterm birth.In short, the response from physicians is very contradictory.But, no doubt, can not be considered mineral preparations are harmless substances.The biochemical mechanism of the body is entirely dependent on the mineral composition of the blood, and easily upset this delicate balance.Take "Magnerot" should only medical indications.