Open the package "regulon".You will see that in one blister pack contains 21 tablets of the drug in white.Take the pill with the number "1" on the first day of the onset of menstruation.Wash down with water.The next day, drink the next pill at the number "2" and so on for 21 days until they finish all the pills in the pack.
After making the last tablet from the package, make a week (exactly seven days) break.At this time you have to go next month.Start taking the first pill from a new package "regulon" on the 8th day after the break, even if the monthly occurrin
g during the break, did not end there.
Take each pill "regulon" at one and the same time of day, for example, in the morning or in the evenings only.If you forget to take the next pill in the morning, take it in the evening, but still try not to disturb the time of ingestion.Remember that irregular intake "regulon" Missed tablets significantly reduce its contraceptive properties, and then reduce them to nothing.
for delaying the onset of the monthly tablet-free interval from a new package "regulon" do not do.Immediately after the first drunk, take a new package with the first pill.Often, however, this is not recommended, since it is possible the emergence of so-called "spotting" or an offensive breakthrough menstrual period.
Consult your doctor about contraindications to the "regulon" as persons who can not take the drug for various diseases, quite a lot.