What medications disrupt liver

It turns out that for such an important organ can affect not only viruses and bacteria, but also medications that a person throughout life takes in a large amount.

As the whole blood passes through the liver is, the drugs are destroyed here.Negative impact on hepatocytes antibiotics, drugs to treat tuberculosis, anti-pill.About protection of liver cells need to be concerned and to those who often take pain relievers, as well as women who drink contraceptives.

The liver can be treated

To restore the function of liver cells, doctors prescribe hepatoprotectors.These include drugs based on vegetable components, essential phospholipids, amino acids.Specialist assigns them to individual patient indications, immediately after the drug therapy or in conjunction with it.

From herbal ingredients significantly supports and restores the liver thistle.An excellent preparation of this group is "Karsil" that protects hepatocytes from the effects of long-term use of drugs.Take it should be a course which lasts about 3 months."Silymarin" and "Silimar" also contain an extract of milk thistle, and even restore damaged membranes of the liver cells and promote new growth.

essential phospholipids form the basis of the membrane of liver cells, so drugs based on these substances contribute to the restoration of hepatocytes, to improve their condition.And most importantly, they inhibit the growth of connective tissue in the liver.Very popular and quality products is "Essentiale Forte", which is just in its composition and contains as essential phospholipids.

prevents the development of drug-induced hepatitis and amino acid derivatives, these include drugs "Geptor" and "Geptral."They have a detoxifying effect, contribute to the regeneration of liver cells, are antioxidants.The big advantage is that you need to take amino acid derivatives only 2-4 weeks, depending on the initial state of the liver.

Each patient should understand that you can not self-medicate.In any case, before the use of hepatic necessary to consult with your doctor, who will select the best drug and set deadlines for receiving the dosage.