Antibiotics from prostatitis

Many believe that easy to choose an antibiotic, it is enough to read the instructions.But it is not.Independently selected drugs are generally ineffective or inefficient altogether.There is so because most of the bacteria eventually become insensitive to the most common antibiotics, and these drugs are no longer fight infection.

to choose the right antibacterial drug, it is necessary to determine the sensitivity of the pathogen prostatitis.This is done by a laboratory, exploring the juice of a prostate or urine of the patient.Knowing the range of antibiotics to wh
ich the organism is sensitive highlighted, you can proceed to treatment.

Treatment of bacterial prostatitis is usually carried out with antibiotics of the tetracycline group - "Doxycycline" and fluoroquinolones - "Ciprofloxacin".

Anti-inflammatory drugs prostatitis

By the anti-inflammatory drug from prostatitis include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents.They eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis: fever, pain and swelling of the prostate.Rectal suppositories are effective, "Diclofenac" "Indomethacin".Inside appoint sick "Ibuprofen", "Ketorol."When severe pain use "Ketorol" injections.

Hormonal agents

prostatitis prescribed hormonal drugs belonging to the group of estrogen - "Estrone", "mikrofollin" and anti-androgens - "Flutsin", "Androkur."They are able to reduce the symptoms of inflammation, as well as inhibit the growth of prostate tissue that is also used in the treatment of tumors and even prostate cancer.But these hormonal agents have a number of side effects: reduced sex drive, cause impotence and feminization of men.Dose picked individually, taking into account the state of the patient's body and blood parameters.


To treat prostatitis using drugs, relieves muscle spasms to the pelvic organs.They include muscle relaxants, skeletal muscle relaxation - "Baclofen" and antispasmodic, relieves spasms directly from the smooth muscle of the prostate - "No-spa."

Alpha-blockers - drugs that inhibit the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which can cause spasm of smooth muscles of blood vessels and internal organs."Tamsulosin" - the most modern drug from this group, a selective effect on the prostate through the nervous system.

means improving blood supply to the prostate

Any inflammation is characterized by impaired microcirculation.Prostatitis is no exception.Circulatory disorders of the prostate increases inflammatory changes in the tissues of the prostate, making a protracted illness.Therefore, in treatment of prostatitis is always used drugs that improve blood circulation - "Pentoxifylline" and "Aescusan."


For the treatment of chronic prostatitis using plant-based drugs which are quite effective and have virtually no side effects.

¬ęProstamol Uno" - herbal remedies, derived from the fruit of a creeping palm.Long term use it reduces inflammation in cancer tissues.Prescribers 1 capsule 1 time per day.Duration of treatment - 3 months.

¬ęProstanorm" - herbal extracts, available in tablet form.Formulation: goldenrod, licorice, St. John's wort, echinacea.The extract has a strong anti-inflammatory action.Take it to 2 tablets 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.The course of treatment - 2 months.