When fibroids and uterine fibroids take alcohol tincture leaves upland uterus 30-40 drops twice a day for 3 weeks.If necessary, repeat the treatment after 2 weeks.
When inflammation of the uterus and fallopian tubes, pipes obstruction, adhesions in the pelvis 30-40 drops of tincture of upland uterus, spread in a third cup of water and take 3 times a day for 15 minutes before eating.After 3 weeks of infusions take a break for 1-2 weeks.Renew treatment if the need arises.The number of repeated courses depends on the severity of the disease.
When infertility wait until menstruation and start taking tincture of upland uterus 3 times a day before meal for 35-40 drops with the infusion of wintergreen and wintergreen.These herbs increase th
e effect of upland uterus.With the onset of menstruation stop taking the herb for a week, and then resume it.The course of treatment at regular weekly intervals should last at least six months.
If polycystic ovaries take Tincture Borovoy of the uterus in the same way.Infusions of other herbs in this case does not need to take.The course of treatment lasts at least a year.
When mastitis 10 drops of tincture of upland uterus dilute in a teaspoon of water and take three times a day before meals.After 3 weeks, take a break for 7 days.If necessary, repeat the treatment.
in toxicosis pregnant dilute 30-40 drops of tincture of upland uterus in a tablespoon of water and taken before meals.
Sage taken as a tincture.The treatment begins immediately after the end of menstruation.For an infusion of 5 grams (1 ch. L.) Sage leaves pour a glass of boiling water, cover with a lid and leave for 15 minutes.The resulting infusion of strain, cool and take 1/3 cup 3 times a day, half an hour before meals for 11 days.After 3 months of receiving the infusion to rest for 2 months and then repeat the treatment if necessary.To enhance the action is added to the infusion of sage and its preparation linden flowers.
also receives sage juice, 2 teaspoons in the morning and at night.The treatment begins after the end of menstruation and lasts for at least a month.