Pending arrival of "first aid" in the first place should take such drugs to reduce the pressure as "Captopril" ("Capoten"), "nifedipine" ("Corinfar") or"Clonidine".Usually the first sign of a stroke is taken one tablet "Captopril" (25 mg), which need to chew and swallow.After 10 minutes, the pressure starts to drop - otherwise 15-20 minutes to take another pill.If "Captopril" is not in the home medicine cabinet, you can replace it with "Nifedepinom."
When receiving "Nifedepina" or "corinfar" it should be remembered that this drug produced in a simple and long-acting forms.A simple form is used by cardiologists for the relief of hypertensive crises and is used to trea
t high pressure because of its short duration, whereas the long-acting form prescribed for the treatment of hypertension - but it is not effective in relieving hypertensive crises.If a house has only "Clonidine" can be sucked under the tongue one of its tablet, but it must be very careful with decreasing pressure - his fall by 10-15 mmHg can lead to various complications.
Recently, more and more effective in coping with stroke show neuroprotective drugs that improve cerebral blood flow and reduces the risk of irreversible damage to brain neurons.These include nootropic agents as "Semaks" "Tserakson" and "Pirotsetam"."Semaks" is a synthetic protein drugs have no effect on the adrenal glands and hormones.
drug "Tserakson" adopted as a first aid for acute stroke, significantly reduces land destruction of brain tissue and restore the passage of nerve impulses on them."Pyracetam" increases the concentration of ATP in the brain, but also enhances the biological synthesis of ribonucleic acids and phospholipids.This drug is considered to be effective not only in preventing stroke, but also recovering from a brain hemorrhage, violates many human functions.