Where to get "ASD fraction 2»

answer could embarrass the unprepared: the medicine is sold on today only in veterinary pharmacies.The fact that it was originally developed by scientists Alexei Vlasovich Dorogova All-Union Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine.Because of the strange circumstances of the drug, originally invented to treat people, and has been officially awarded the title of "human", it is produced to this day as a veterinary drug.
Drugs "ASD fraction 2" and "ASD fraction 3" (in the form of an ointment) produce today two pl
ants in Russia.According to the testimony of consumers, quality and efficiency "SDA" Armavir plant slightly higher counterpart from Moscow.

cost "ASD fraction 2" more than democratic: bottle of 100 ml is sold for 100-150 rubles.Such amount is enough for one or two months of treatment depending on the chosen regimen.

regimen "ASD fraction 2»

Methods of treatment "ASD fraction 2" was developed by Alexei Dorogov.In the standard dosage should be diluted with 15 to 30 drops of the drug in 50-100 ml of cooled boiled water or strong tea.Take the resulting solution should be on an empty stomach, 30-40 minutes before meals.Twice a day - morning and evening.Drinking "SDA" in the overall scheme: five days of reception, then a break for three days, after which the cycle is repeated.The drug is stopped only after complete recovery.

critically ill patients, especially cancer illnesses, the drug developer Alex Dorogov recommended an increase in the use of a single dose of up to 5 ml per half a cup of boiled water.However, in such situations, Academician urged to be under constant medical supervision.
easiest and most effective way to "kill" the bad taste and smell "SDA" - seize the next dose just prisolennoy a slice of lemon.
main feature of the drug "SDA" is a sharp unpleasant odor and taste.Therefore, drinking diluted in water the medicine easier and more comfortable in one gulp, as they usually drink vodka.In addition, "ASD fraction 2" is rapidly losing its properties in contact with oxygen.Therefore, remove the lid from the packaging of liquid should not be at all.Each time the need to recruit a medicine using a syringe with a long thick needle through the rubber cap of the vial with the specimen.